I Feel

I feel my mind slipping away

I am a pebble at the bottom of a lake
Currents churn and wisps of sunlight reach my skin
algae grows and dies with the night
the lips of a fish craze again
bald and bare to all I dare

The hardest part of the day
isn’t the moment we awake
but the moment we decide
to face another day

I feel my mind slipping away

I am the turbulent hate
a product of mindless fear
and baseless belief
without the dare to think
for your own sense of self

Complacent and supposedly
happy with what you see
fearless ain’t brave
if you’ve no idea what you say

I feel my mind slipping away

I am the absence of care
my give a shit died yesterday
and today I stand and appear
to be so brave and forthright
strong and pround to all I dare

There’s just a shell where once stood I
there’s no thought flowing in mind
action is just neurons firing
amygalda say kiss em on the lips

I feel my mind has slipped away
I feel my life is stagnantly
I feel my soul is aimlessly
I feel my self is wandering

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