How much can I take?

So, I’m still working on the healing thing. My Doctor tells me I can put 100% weight on by July 5th (my next appointment). I’ll be at 75% this Tuesday…

I need to get back home by June 30th or my cat will starve. Can I climb the stairs? Yeah. But it’s real slow.Is it safe? Not really, no. It’s clumsy. There’s no way I can do stuff like carry in groceries and such. Maybe i’ll just have to go home for lunch and feed the cat? It could work.

I’m returning the CPAP this week as well. That was such a clusterfuck. Not using the CPAP itself, but the billing… terribly restrictive. But who cares? I already have my own CPAP, so why do I need to deal with these idiots? I’ll take it back, and they can perch and twirl on it. My Doctor will be happy that I have one, and can use it… without some sneaky ass bastards trying to watch me breathe at night…

I’m also visiting with my hearing aid dealer to get a second opinion on my latest hearing test results. Is my hearing really so bad? We’ll see. If she confirms it, I’ll follow up with another ENT and hope they take me seriously. Geez, at least do some tests. I could have an ear wax plug or something making my ears ring, but the useless twats at MOSA ENT wouldn’t know because their doctors don’t actually see patients unless it’s easy or whatever the heck.

(Note: Audiologist stated that my hearing test in 2008 is identical to my hearing test now. There is no difference. Not a good thing, really. Tinnitus sucks…)

I woke up Monday (6/25) morning with a lot of energy. Got myself to work quickly… but started to get dizzy on the drive in. Got in, tried to shake it off… then had to run/wheel to the bathroom and throw up. Left work, drove home, and fell asleep till 1pm. Felt marginally better. Made some coleslaw and had that for lunch. Started to feel better. Put my hearing aid back on… and started to feel worse… Monday: Not a good day, dammit.

I’m looking forward to fireworks on the 30th at Darcey and Jimmy’s place. I’m looking forward to having a real vacation week someone around the end of July. I hope I can swim. I hope I can enjoy myself.

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