Hell Hole Three: Your A$$ is MINE!

The Hell Hole still continues. I’m stumped as to what constitutes “repair” now.

In this brand new episode of “Hell Hole Rapes Man of Innocence”… Following the wily Siding companies attempt to imitate a jack up bull in a china shop, they not only put holes in the hot water pipe… but they also put holes into ELECTRICAL CABLES!

It took me over a MONTH to get the condo assoc to take responsibility for this and send an Electrician out. They only did so grudgingly, and with threats about how I’d pay for it when the electrician found a problem inside. Idiots…

In any case, the electrician showed up, and within 10 minutes agreed that the siders did something… after another 45 minutes in which some discussion was made of “DON’T TOUCH THE TILE, DAMMIT!”, the electrician convinced the condo assoc to allow him to cut a hole in the wall to fix the wiring. Lo and behold… Not one, but TWO nails were embedded into the wiring for my stove hood. The stud to which the wires were stapled was SCORCHED… meaning my house may very well have nearly burned itself down.

Now, 3 weeks AFTER that event… they’re now JUST ABOUT getting around to finishing the hole from the electrical problem. It took (AGAIN!) convincing the condo assoc to do something about the lousy work habits of the company that’s doing the siding. They either refused to do anything, or “didn’t have time” to do anything about the hole for 2 weeks. Finally, the condo assoc threatened to withhold money from the siders for failing to effect repairs in timely fashion.

Now, the hole in nearly patched… and I don’t know if they’ll finish it (painting). In either case… I still have the SAME CONTRACTORS in my house since JUNE and they NOT DONE YET… because they still have to attach shutters (more holes in my house…), paint the trim, AND they have to re-attach the gutters.

Tell me… how the hell does it take THAT long to do what we did YEARS ago with Sal and Wendy’s garage in less than 2 days? I’m flabbergasted, and disgusted by the damage they caused… it’s all fixed, but why the hell did they cause the damage in the first place and THEN take so long to fix it???

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