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My favorite quote:
“…if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

I found myself thinking a thought today I’ve never really thought… that I might donate to a political campaign because I really don’t want the other guy to win. Not because I think my pitiful contribution would actually swing my guy to victory, but that it makes a statement to myself of how very much I cannot stand the concept of another Republican presidency.

This is momentous to me because I’m not a person who votes along party lines. I don’t agree with the party system at all. Both sides are lying on some level, and it just boils down to which side will lie the least and which side presents a candidate who’s more trustworthy. The idea that I’d discount one candidate just because of their party is… not something that would have occurred to me before now. I can barely believe it, but I actually did it. I donated money to a presidential campaign. I’m sure some of my family won’t much like it, but I donated money to the Obama campaign.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton: “We don’t need 8 more of the last 4… it’s ironic that the Repubican Convention is being held in the Twin Cities, because you can’t tell Dubbya and McCain apart”.

Sorry, folks… But that sold me.

In other thoughts… The U of M football season is going to be really really bad. Sheridan looked HORRIBLE. He looked like a walk on QB (which he is) who got the nod because he’s a smart guy, but clearly lacks the physical tools to be a real college level QB. He can’t throw on the run worth a damn. Threet looks more physically capable, but less mentally capable. He can throw on the run, and he threws a few sweet fade passes.  He brought them back to within 2 points, but then he mentally vomited on the 2 pt conversion and the last 2 drives. The U of M defense was also severely lackluster for the first half… hopefully the right that ship and crush Notre Dame. (Yes, I know an Irish guy rooting against ND is some kind of blasphemy, but I’ve rooted against ND since I was 6 years old… what are you gonna do about it?)

MSU seems to be a much better team, but still saddled with an inability to finish. They played Cal, which is a MUCH better team than Utah. Cal looked fabulous, really. Good running game. Passing game needs some work. In any case, MSU is saddled with a weak QB. They really need someone more athletic than Hoyer, who is nothing but a reasonably strong arm with middling accuracy. MSU will top UM in the Big 10, for sure, and the MSU/UM game is likely to be a drubbing. I see MSU going 8-3 and UM going 6-5 and getting a lower level bowl game to keep the streak alive.

Someone scratched my CX-7. It pissed me off.  It looks like I hit a cougar head on and it tried to grab the hood. The insurance system seems to be working for me this time though… I went to the dealership to see if they could handle it, but they could not. But the dealership (Suburban Imports of Farmington Hills) did real good by me. Good enough that my next vehicle may well come from them. See? It pays to be good to your customers. AAA didn’t hassle me about a claim as yet, but I suppose there’s still plenty of time.  In any case, the CX-7 goes into the bump shop on Tuesday morning to have the entire hooked sanded, bondo’d and repainted… and I hope there’s enough time to get it done because I have to drive out to Rochester Hills on Wednesday for all day PC Management meetings. I’m hoping the rental I get on Tuesday isn’t a POS.

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