Freely once I did admit the world is
tracking me down in a slow death march
I’m sure to lose this fight as always
but now I’m feeling old and mighty
cause my mind isn’t fighting against
my hormones and urges so turgid

Freely I do admit this time is precious
and without an ounce of doubt I do declare
I’d rather not be the hidden fear
of the shame your wear hidden from dare
cause my mind is fighting against
my pride and losing wits

Freely I once did flex my muscles and lift
the world on my shoulders smiling so bright
the sun reflects a shadows is cast from my
very own self doubt but still I dared to dream
cause my mind was forming a withered ball of screams
unsounded, unspoken, unknown yet this

Freely now do I admit this is the moment
this is it the one moment in time I realize
I must speak of only my desires
am I living forward or backward
am I ready to commit to being
anything but the child I see in my dreams

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