Finito: Deaf Boy

I’m fairly proud to announce that I’ve completed the first draft of my latest script, otherwise known as “Deaf Boy”.

A good friend of mine states that you have to be able to write a short hook of what the story is about in order to actually get anyone interested in it. I’m afraid I just can’t do that because I’m too close to what I’ve written. There’s some experiences included in this script that were pretty real. Some of this was not easy to write. I suffered major writers block. I actually started writing pieces of this almost 3 years ago, and then I stone walled. I could not find a way to encapsulate the story I wanted to tell, and every which way I could think of just felt incredibly stupid and meaningless.

Then one day, I think in March, I had a discussion with my Dad, where he asked me “What would you do if you bumped into those bullies today?” Other than a snide remark about “I’m not expecting them to break out of prison, Dad”, I didn’t have much to say. However, the question did act as the impetus for the story: what WOULD I do? What would the circumstances be? I chose the worst possible circumstances, which may not even be the most interesting circumstances, but they worked for me.

The current product is 75 pages long. In script writing terms, that means a movie about 75 to 85 minutes long. If the language were severely dumbed down and it was aired on commercial television, it would fill 2 hours. However, the resulting movie would be rated-R for language and violence.

To pre-answer questions:
First question: Kids don’t talk like that, do they?
Yes, little boys DO/DID talk like that when parents aren’t looking.

Second Question: What does the title mean?
It’s a derogatory term that I was plastered with during school by various bullies. It’s hard to forget.

Questions and Opinions requested. Feel free to drop me a line.

And now, without further ado… Click HERE to view the first draft of DEAF BOY

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