Fear the Darkness (more than the light)

You fear the darkness more than you fear the light
But the light can burn more than the dark can hurt
The violet shrinks from your touch
And digs its roots deeper to the earth
Cause it has been written
Thus will always be
No fate no choice just a script to follow
Life is dramatic and fickle
Built on a string of letters
Written by hands other than our own
We’re the fully captive barely participating audience
Of these lives we don’t hold
Can’t escape or get what we want
Whim to the creators taunt

You fear the darkness more than you fear the light
Cause the darkness is so very unknown, ain’t that right?
In the bright shine of day are horrors unrestricting
But you embrace the violet just because you can see
The terrible awful things coming
The audience clambers to see the blade falling
They shriek and cry at the blood bursting
The waterfalls of life tumbling in the spectacle
We can’t escape the ratings plunge when
We become boring and have no fun

As dimples turn to wrinkles
And slimming curves turn to larger arcs
What once was lithe now is stiff
What once was turgid now flaccid
Youth is wasted on the young
Who can’t appreciate how fun it is
To be ignorant of the terrible sun
And the harsh light that day
Casts upon your life

When the spotlight shines
And no one’s watching
A new level of lonely comes
A wicked emptiness fills your soul
And you wonder why tomorrow
Is anything worth wondering
You wonder why today
Isn’t more satisfying?
Is it any wonder
We’re asking you to see
Stop watching and start walking
Take a long walk off a short pier along with me

Cause life can subside
At any given moment
The wonder of knowing
Even if you’re just watching
Riding along to see the show
Unable to sway
But learning something
Imagining what you’d do
If the reins were in your hands
Would you steer me differently
Would you swear my life to be?

Fear the darkness
More than the light
Cause what you see
Is less chilling
Then what your senses
Cannot perceive
Everyday so inadequately
Peace spake now so hold your line
Lay down to sleep

If the demon comes to speak
Tell him you know me
If the demon’s boss comes running
Tell HIM you know me
Cause I am the Light
Cause I am the Darkness
Cause I am the reason
Cause I am all there is
Cause I said so
Cause I Cause I Cause I Cause I

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