I know right from wrong
good and evil are just words
the source of my wisdom
is on this earth
don’t need cosmic phases
nor flowery phrases

but I still stare at you in the sky
my words are provactively fine
dare you answer my flippant cries
dare you ignore as I begin to fly

leapt from the ground
and tasted the sky
same as the dirt
on the ground, good bye

my last, said I please
bury my heart somewhere
up amongst the clouds
and let me seed the stars profound

and I’ll stare at you in the sky
cause I have faith
you don’t want me to go
not until the moment I believe

without ever speaking
without ever seeing
without ever believing
just daring to believe

My faith doesn’t require approval
I’ll keep doing what I am doing
a design that may so seem insane from
your point of view up on that hill
looking down at me pretending
that I’m thrilled with just being

and I still stare at you in the sky
I still think one day you’ll stop laughing
come down by my side and say
do you need any help today?

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