Facts of Deaf

I’m going to share a few simple facts of being deaf. I realize these are concepts so far beyond most people’s every day lives, but they are facts…

1. A deaf person CANNOT. USE. A TELEPHONE.

Providing a deaf person with a phone number for ANY reason defies all human logic. It is, in a word, stupid. They should put that in the dictionary… “Stupid: see: giving a deaf person a telephone number for anything.”
Do not assume that because said deaf person has hearing aids, or a Cochlear implant, that they can use a phone. It is ignorant and insulting.

Many professionals need to learn this, especially in the medical profession. You cannot give a patient a phone number to set up another appointment. You should NOT send illegibly scribbled notes and prescriptions to the hospiptla with no explanation. Then ignore email queries. You’ll lose your patients that way. Why? Because it is just plain ignorant.

2. You may NOT get mad at a deaf person when they don’t hear you. To do so is just silly. They’re deaf! Why would you expect a deaf person to hear you? That’s illogical. Don’t get mad at us because we’re deaf. In almost all cases, we didn’t choose to be deaf, or do anything to be deaf… God just chose us to be deaf. In my case, I’m certain he chose me to be deaf so I wouldn’t destroy you all, alas. 😉

3. A deaf person will only put up with the stupidity of “norms” on these issues for so long.

Let’s face it… my Mom was right:
Being deaf doesn’t make me stupid, but it can make a LOT of people around me stupid.

We accept that you have no idea what it’s like to be deaf. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ll answer you. Sometimes we’ll be pissy about it, but we’ll answer you.

We’re not different: we just can’t hear you. Write legibly.



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