Emblazoned Emblem Upon His Chest

Bear your eyes upon
something you don’t see
every day your wake and breathe
a man with no legs is walking
down the street
lead by a man with no eyes
to hear a man with no ears
sing this song

A man with no hands
plays a mean guitar
a man with no ears
sings rights along

Bare your soul upon
don’t say the word
don’t jinx the hurt
glassy eyed and pacified
without a mind
still cleverly assigned

He runs around and waves at the sky
the clouds stop passing by
recognize she said it’s time
say the word caught in your throat
unleash the damnation of worth

Questions and dares
blank broken stares
hiding underneath the stairs
shivering in a million fears
sweetened by only the hope

Embrace the demon electric
fear not the complexity
taste the difference in the world
when no longer do you fear
another day another way
it’s all the same always the same

A different color a different shade
it’s still a blue sky today

It’s still a man running down the street
it’s still a man playing guitar
it’s still a man rocking the drums
it’s still a man singing this song

No one’s stringing you along
just another life another day
just another man anyways
for your soul to bear upon
so normal so everyday
emblazoned emblem upon his chest

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