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Mucho fun. You can find the dialectizer online at:


It will handle any text too… here’s an example:

This hyar is mah rifle. Thar is menny like it, but this hyar one is mine. It is mah life. ah muss master it as ah muss master mah life. Wifout me mah rifle is useless. Wifout mah rifle, ah’s useless. ah muss fire mah rifle true. ah muss shoot straighter than th’ enemah who is tryin’ t’kill me. ah muss shoot him befo’e he shoots me. ah will, ah reckon. Mah rifle an’ ah knows thet whut counts in war is not th’ roun’s we fire, th’ noise of our bust, o’ th’ smoke we make. We knows thet it is th’ hits thet count. We will hit.

Mah rifle is hoomin, even as ah’s hoomin, on account o’ it is mah life. Thus, ah will larn it as a brother. ah will larn its weaknesses, its stren’ths, its parts, its accesso’ies, its sights an’ its barrel, ah reckon. ah will keep mah rifle clean an’ ready, even as ah’s clean an’ ready. We will become part of etch other.

Befo’e God ah swears this creed, cuss it all t’ tarnation. Mah rifle an’ ah are th’ defenners of mah country. We is th’ masters of our inemah. We is th’ savio’s of mah life.

So be it, until vicko’y is South Car’lina’s an’ thar is no inemah.

If you can’t read this… it’s the Rifleman’s Creed (Marine’s Creed) as spoken by a Redneck. Redneck is hilarious… as it renames me “Ichabod McEfoy”

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