Deep Thoughts and other crap

What if this is just the beginning? There’s some story or another about 3 earth-like planets found around a star recently. Scientists claim it’s too hot there to support Earth-style life, but they also make teh point that finding these planets proves that it’s a “crowded” universe.

So, if we assume there are lots and lots and lots of planets out there… you can make two assumptions:

1. You can assume that the universe and everything in it was created for US. Only US. Us being humans, ya know?

2. You can assume that the being in a universe crowded with planets virtually assures being in a universe crowded with other lifeforms.

If we choose to assume Scenario 1, then we have to assume we are at the very beginning of all there is and ever will be. If it’s just us, and there’s all these planets out there, then all these planets and resources must in some fashion be waiting for us to get off our asses and travel through space. It also logically means, due to our stunted lifespans, that we will create faster than light travel.

If we choose Scenario 2, then we have to consider the quality of our transmissions and the validity of any claims by “religions” which state we are all there is, was, and ever will be. The sole children of God. The quality of transmissions is simple. Based on a random sampling of TV from the 400+ channels my U-Verse shows… aliens must think we’re all randomly saying BEEP, or killing other people, or bouncing balls, or having so much sex they must assume we spend 90% of our natural lives copulating… or would the even recognize the behavior as copulation, or even the concept of copulation? The religion part is implied any time you assume life beyond the heavens. If we met an alien and they asked us “Have you seen Jesus?”… it would be the biggest revelation ever, wouldn’t it? What if the alien said “We seek the wisdom of Mohammed? Allah Bu Akbar!”… well… the whole of Western civilization would be for shit, wouldn’t it?

So I ask you again… is this just the beginning, or somewhere in the middle? Surely it’s not the end.

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