Deep, possibly crazy, likely insane idea…

Today is election day, as it were. Here in my local election, there was no real issue at question. The mayor of the city. Some council men, and school board.

I was in with 5 minutes to spare, and my # is mid 200’s in a city of over 80,000 people. I’m presented with a ballot 2 minutes after I walk in, and I’m presented with a slate of… who the hell are these people?

I knew nothing about most of these people. I have no idea which candidate is Democrat, which is Republican, Green, Tea, Labour, or Communist. What do they stand for? I do not know.

All I know are yard signs.

So here’s my crazy idea… Why not treat election day like a MAJOR THING? Why not require that EVERYONE TAKE THE DAY OFF. Why not actually RESEARCH who the hell these people are? What they stand for? I hadn’t spoken to a single candidate, nor read the positions of any of these people. I felt like a fool voting for the prettiest yard sign, or the least obnoxious snail mail.

Sure, it’s a small election… but then you’re saying so are our lives. If we each took Election Day more seriously, and were given the time and access necessary to figure out who these people are… then maybe we’d make more informed decisions.

I feel like I just did not make an informed decision. I feel like I just voted for a freaking yard sign.

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