Deaf musings

So, my primary hearing aid blew out on me Thursday, sacrificed in sweat to the gods of the server rack and UPS. So I went home, grabbed my spare and went to the dealer to get repairs done. My spare had extremely low volume level. I asked Jackie to hook it up to the machine.. and then my spare craps out too. Jackie grabbed the most powerful aid she had on site, not quite at my level,:-)  and we set that up. I might be eligible to have Vocational Rehab help pay for a new hearing aid. Who knos? They didn’t want to in 1994…

Off I went to lunch with my sweetie. I was trembling with irksomeness.

As we ate lunch, it became a parent that the loaner did not work correctly. Immensely loud beeps and bells were audible to my lady and people near by. To the point my hearing aid was turned off, and she typed to me through an ipad . As the beeping and drilling rings drew on, immense headaches settled in through the day… and I felt like crap. Still, my lady wanted to meet me at the bar that night… and I am addicted to her presense.

So we’re at the bar and her feet are killing her. We both feel crabby. My head hurts. We’re talking via Ipad and watching the Tigers/Yankees game. The more we talk… the less my head hurts. The happier I am to be there, with her. The longer we’re there, the less her feet hurt. I describe the silliness, like the buttmark from chalk left on my car seat by her daughter the previous day. The immensely fascinating sociological structure of a Detroit sports fan.

The ringing is still intense, and goes off like fireworks as I kissed her good night. Thudding, blasts of furious emotional and hormonal excellence. Peace and satisfaction. Safety. Warmth. God, she smells good.

All through today, my head ached. The. I realized this. How beautiful it is to know I’m in love. To know that the presense of someone makes me feel better, even on my worst and toughest days. It’s all worth it when I can be with her.

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