Days Off

I had my first extended time off since August 2005 this week. I took the Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday off in addition to Memorial Day, giving me 5 days NOT at work.

To summarize:
Friday: Picked up a Mantis Tiller from Art’s Rental on Grand River (real nice guys, fast service… would recommend them) at 8:30am. Had the Tiller running by 9am and finished by 9:45am. Plowed in 6 bags of genuine cow pucky into the dirt. My Dad and I picked up the cow pucky and some seeds on Thursday evening.

Took my Mom on errands and shopping. She’s still tiring out real quick. I want nothing more in this world than my Mom to get better and have energy again.

Rest of day amounted to cooking dinner and blobbing out.

Saturday: Picked up more vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, and more. Did a bunch of plant shopping. Got back to the parents house, put the plants in the ground: barefoot. The dirt and cow poo mixture was about 10 inches deep. Very fertile and robust. Washed feet, started a fire in the chiminola, burning used corn cobs and pine cones to a fine powder.

Sunday: I have no memory of Sunday, actually. What the hell did we do Sunday?

Monday: Bike Riding with my Dad at Kensington. We did a trip around the lake, which included waiting 20 minutes to get INTO the park because the cars were lined up nearly out to I-96. Never seen it that busy. EVER. More traffic in the park than I’ve ever seen. Bike/ped traffic was terrible. It took almost an hour to get around 8.6 miles.

Cooked up a seriously awesome steak dinner on monday night, too. I mean major good. Simple steak rub of Chili Powder, Ms. Dash, Garlic Powder, and Montreal Steak Seasoning. Somewhere between rare and medium rare. Killer, Killer steak.

Tuesday: Expected the Condo Assoc to start re-siding the condo. Alas, they did not. Ffft. Went grocery shopping, filled the Jeep up with gas ($53 for 13 gallons of gas… there are no polite words for the gas companies at this point). Went to Electromyography appointment at LMT Rehab Assoc in Royal Oak. Best Dr office I’ve seen in a LONG time. REALLY fast. I was in a room BEFORE I finished the paper work, and then the procedure took only 15 mins. Basically involved shocking me to see how my nerves conduct, and poking me with a seriously long needle. Sounds worse than it was. Dr Taylor was cool. Told me I have a pinched Nerve in my left elbow which is causing tingling in my fingers. When the procedure was over before I expected, I said “That’s it?” and he said “What, do you want me to shock you some more??”. Funny guy.

Any case, gotta get an appt again with Dr. Sobol to follow up… I have worst case scenarios in my head, like “well, you little finger has to come off, and we have to peel the skin off your arm to relocate the nerves…” and find out “oh, this is because you had a big honkin’ wart on your left elbow as a kid, and you tore the damn thing out by the roots, thus moving the nerve to the wrong place”.

Wednesday: Condo Assoc STILL isn’t siding. I’m not surprised, am I?

Went bike riding again at Kensington. Did a trip and a half (one full route around lake, then back the way I came to the bridge and back to the parking lot = almost 12 miles). I did something I fully regret: passing over the bridge at I-96, a grey squirrel was on the side of the path. I thought it was funny that the squirrel didn’t notice me… until I got within a foot of it. Then the damn thing panicked and ran RIGHT UNDER MY WHEEL… and I crushed his little rodent ass. I was shocked, and didn’t even think to stop. OH CRAP, I KILLED A SQUIRREL WITH MY BIKE?!?! I stopped, turned around… but couldn’t find the squirrel… so… maybe I like, broke his leg or something and he’s at the park office with a little squirrel cast on or something… or maybe it was THIS squirrel:
Super Squirrel

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