Dark and Stormy till the morning light

Another dark and stormy night
I watch the cloud threaten their fight

the wind whips down heaven sent
bearing hell and anger within

Down comes the rain to drown
the ever lasting thoughts of mine

Even as the seas do rise
my thoughts turn to you with a smile

WIldfire burns through the thicket
and all the people scream

save me save me save me save me
I’m not meant to go this way

The tornado twists around my knickers
and yet my feet remain planted

like Dorothy hitched her ride
so far away they cried

yet still they remain
ever so sadly they pray

behold one day
she’ll return to be

The sun that shines through
on a dark and stormy day

part the clouds and sweep the
warm summer breeze over me

and finally I can move my feet
and walk right along with you

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