Crazy Stuff

I’ve had a few crazy days in a row… First, Tech-Comm was at Northville.

I hate hosting the meetings AND being the Committee head at the same time. Hosting a meeting is fine (except for having to buy all the meeting food/drinks). But I made it worse by scheduling a Guitar Hero 2 demo at the same time. Do I have to set the room up, connect up a computer with projector and set up Guitar Hero 2 for play, while getting the food set up, arrange the tables and chair, AND we had carpenters in the Library to fix the Bosses office up (major re-build of desktop).

I did get to have lunch with some of the group. We have some really good folks in Tech-Comm. Andrew, Donna, Joy, Melanie, Derek, Eric, Martin, and so many more… and Mark showed up for lunch at the Starting Gate, which was cool. I’m not happy he’s unemployed, but the mess at TLN… whew. It’s hard working there. I don’t know why I’m doing it, honestly. I feel like an addict working for them now. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, I just can’t define what keeps me there. It’s not the money… it’s just this ridiculous sense of loyalty I have, and that loyalty is being splintered, because they really badly mistreated Mark, and I consider Mark to be my mentor and it truly, absolutely disgusts me what they did to Mark… TLN is such a mess right now, it’s almost morbid curiosity at this point to stick around and see where the bodies land.

What else? Well, Battle of the Books (BOTB) took shape today. It became obvious how incredibly BIG this thing will be. We’re looking at 41 teams with 187 kids. If every kid brings at least 1 person with them we’ll have the cafeteria at the Northville High School filled with almost or more than 400 people. I have to coordinate most of this… I’ve done stage planning, prepared the Game in Powerpoint with 1700 slides… I’ve had to plan out the scoring sheets, wiring, how the scoring will be retrieved… We’ll be running this on Tuesday night. We’ll have 90 minutes to set up the room AND train our volunteers! That’s it… then I have to hope the screen is big enough (I do not think it is… only a 96″ screen for a HUGE cafeteria… we’re going to have some really bad viewing angles). The pure immensity of the job hit me today, and I’ve felt tired ever since. Yet, I’m proud to realize that my time working at the Louis E. Schmidt Auditorium is truly paying off, as I’m apparently a stage managing geek god now.

I miss working in the auditorium at midnight with Dave, Dan, and the other guys… laying down dance floor (carrying 200 lb rubber rolls by myself), mounting lights, curtains, setting up stages, and otherwise enjoying the fact I’m working as part of an easy going team of tech wonks. Didn’t pay well, but what does when you’re 19?

Speaking of being tired… I saw an accident at Silver Spring and 8 Mile today. It happened literally right in front of me. The people involved seemed okay (the guy got out and called on the phone, had a scratch on his cheek), and I felt like I was just in the way. I didn’t even SEE it happen. I was looking at the light, waiting for the light to chance so I could cross 8 Mile and go home. There was a crack, and I looked to the left and saw the 2 cars folded up. The woman in the Chrysler Intrepid was pretty much in shock, and couldn’t open her door. She was freaking out. I feel bad because I was so tired and confused, I didn’t get out and help. All I could think of was “I’d just be in the way, I didn’t see the actual accident, and I’d SO tired”. I feel bad now, and I know I’m going to see the panic in her face when I sleep tonight. Shit.

And the way I think? I feel like I did something wrong. Like the police will show up, knock my door down and drag me away because… I was tired and felt like I was in the way. That I should have taken heroic measures or something. I think I’m too used to doing everything myself, and I can’t even properly comprehend a situation anymore.

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