Coolest Mayor in the United States – Kwame "The Joker" Kilpatrick

Kwame is so cool.

I mean… how many other cities in America can say that their mayor is a complete sociopath?

You do realize Kwame is a sociopath, don’t you?

He reacts glibly, oozes superficial charm, cares nothing of the effects of his actions upon other people, is a pathological liar, demonstrates no shame, remorse or guilt, is unresponsible, promiscuous, lacks any realistic life plan (sorry, Kwame… there is no “Grand Poobah of Detroit” position opening soon), and most importantly, he changes his image as needed to avoid prosecution.

God, I LOVE living near Detroit. It’s good to have the Joker as our boss!

But seriously… it’s not even a matter of the guy resigning. There’s a total failure of the system to arrest this guy for multiple crimes. He’s stole $10 million from the city to cover up martial infidelities, and that might be the LEAST of his assumed crimes. There’s too many of these things piled up. It’s like a tire pile… sure, it’s just tires… until you get SO many of them the sheer weight and pressure causes a chemical reaction that sets the tires on fire. Then you’ve got a big, smoking, smelly tire fire and NO ONE wants anything to do with the area. He’s already chased off a Mayor’s convention… what’s next?

Kim Worthy needs to get off her ass and indict the sucker. Heck, Super Jenny the Guvernator should just flat out dismiss him. She has the power… are you going to wait for the massive smoke clouds to start choking us all and hope there’s so much crap in the air that it hides the whole damn state?

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