Continuing odyssey of sensory warp

Before I was implanted with a Cochlear, for me, I asked myself a simple question:

Am I ready to be deaf? Not just sorta deaf, but completely deaf?

And I found myself just stating that it was “get busy hearing, or get busy being deaf”.

Not many people really drew a line there, because no one really understood what I could or could not hear. My parents always assumed i heard MUCH more than I did… close friends sometimes had the same issue. Then family would sometimes just talk to my mom and dad about me, because they knew I wouldn’t hear them. Alas.

In any case, as I get further and further into this… sensory warp of life, I’m realizing I never was aware how much I may have been missing.

I’ll digress here… There’s an argument that there is nothing wrong with being deaf. It is not a handicap in any way, shape form or fashion. I’ll agree entirely with that. But it doesn’t change that there is a whole world of sensory input that isn’t fully available to a deaf person. Even a “partially” deaf person. Until you LOSE it… you have no idea how much you really had.

I am still hearing things I do not recognize. It is not even spring yet. You have NO. IDEA… how excited I am about the idea of hearing the birds sing. You have no idea how excited I am about hearing wildlife. I want to walk in the woods, and hear my feet crunching on the dried leaves of spring and summer. I want to hear the water running through the river. I want to hear the leaves brushing in the breeze.  I want to hear the “Man eating sparrows” (cicadas).

In the mean time, I heard my cats walking by me last night. Not the “thundering herd” of chasing, but daintly traipsing down the hallway on pergo floors… a clickity clackity sound, which I identified at their nails.

I want to get a clock for my house… just so I can hear it tick.

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