Deeply the notes growl of stray moments

lost inside the fates of times

and then we say left behind

but there they are in my mind

So long I waited for your touch

the day we found each other

in the garden of eden was

the light of all that was


Sweetly the notes sang of wonder

and the hope of futures tines

and then say we will be

together if always

Every waking moment I swam inside your touch

the nights together more inspired

than mere lust the depth of trust

the light of all that was


Then space and time interfere

you say you’ll always be here

but time and space interfere

so far apart with you near

Dead alive my days barely survive

aimlessly I wandered without a smile

and restlessly I slept in dreams

in a convincing way

to pretend still you’re near to me

but it’s all


If reason ever given to your belief

that my thoughts were never to be of you

then bless your heart to know

every waking moment

my mind was focused to you


no nonsense

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