Complaining about lack of Captioning on Web Sites with Video

Recently, I took the time to write a short, snarky complaint to over the lack of captioning in videos on their website…

Description: Name: Michael McEvoy
Webaddress: every freaking video on the site

General comments: Your site continues to NOT provide captioning for videos. Perhaps you think deaf viewers do not deserve to watch video? Or they should just watch it and play scattergories, and guess what’s being said during the videos? Sorry if this is not a constructive complaint, but it’s plain lazy, and I’m sick of websites treating me like a second class citizen just because I’m deaf.

In CNN’s defense, they DID respond (to which I’m happy and grateful):

Thank you for contacting CNN. We wanted to let you know that we are actively working to increase the number of on-demand videos which offer closed captioning abilities, in full compliance with regulations recently enacted by the Federal Communications Commission. If you have any additional questions or comments regarding this issue please feel free to reply to this message.


I truly hope they hold to their word here. I mean, it’s just common sense to caption. This ain’t Charlie Chaplin: your newscasters can’t emote well enough to make it clear what they’re saying to a deaf person.

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