Cochlear Fancy

Well, I’ve worn this cochlear now for almost 3 years.

If I can be perfectly blunt, and this is not a sales pitch but… it’s changed my life something legit.

I am capable of carrying on conversations with strangers.

Sure, to most people, that’s like “so what?”

To me, that’s like “holy farking she-at!”

I’m in the process of buying a new house. In fact, I bought it today. It has required that I interface with a variety of people whom I’ve never met before, or who I haven’t met in a long time.

The experience has been delightful. I met the previous owners of the house I bought, and it was a pleasant experience, not a dreaded experience. I met the guy who put my mortgage together, and we had a nice talk outside the closing. Wonderfully nice guy who’s sister works with deaf and blind folks. I met with the lady who’s buying my condo, and her agent.

The important part is that none of this has been intimidating. That’s the part I think most “normals” don’t get: that engaging in conversations, especially VERY. IMPORTANT. CONVERSATIONS. like buying a new house.. they’re not overtly intimidating anymore.

It’s flipping wonderful.

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