Circular Illogic

my brain is pasted on a page,
like mucilege and ocnstruction paper
a mildly askew kindergarten project
resulting from accidental ingestion
of the nasty mushrooms left behind
by the town wino who passed out
and died on the park bench in a
blaze of red and blue lights
at 5am in the morning,
robbing mom and dad of sleep
bequeathing the angry flustered
zombie walk of a day without enough sleep.

Blessed are the donuts heaved over
the shattered remains of Humpty’s corpse
trod into a fine dust in the desire
to consume one more cup of
bitter bean swill upon the morn
whence suddenly you come to
realize you’ve been babbling on
meaninglessly and it’s more
constructive and meaningful
than anything you can say
while traipsing about in
your ever daily lucidity.

Beckoned the soft confines spake
but my body denied the come hither
batting of frilly edges made
from empty pledges and
the fleeting hope my dreams
will be filled with something
much more satisfying than
the monotony of yet
another day under the boot heel
of my own ethics and desire
to succeed beyond my means
without acceptance of my station
nor denial of my patience.

Finally the robot legion of doom
pulls down the lids of my lens
and begs my mind to close within
peer deep inside the unconscious mind
and speak only of and to myself
all the characters are me
even the ones I hate to see
especially the ones I love to be
the way I keep ever flying
and saving the world in my dreams
from the death above i keep bringing.

rinse and repeat
rinse and repeat
how many times
shall I wash thee?

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