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Blown Up

I’m afraid I’ve gone too far again. I’m feeling very blown up right now. I’m working on Sunday afternoon, because someone has to. The person scheduled basically “forgot” they had a trip, and then while I’m at desk on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I see a picture with them on the other side of the state basking in the sun.… Read more →


Testing a new look, primarily to delve into Responsive design. The current template is only partially responsive from my tests. I also need to fix my logo up a bit… keep an eye out.

Amalgamate Now?

Sometimes in your life, there are spans of time when the definition of your life is writ large, across the face of reality like graffiti. Everyone within eye sight, ear shot, a tongue flick can see, smell and taste everything that is about to happen… and have no idea what it feels like. At this moment, my life is a… Read more →

Returnth to Normal?

Tomorrow, next step on the way back to “normal”. I go back to work… I’m excited and scared about that. Excited because I’ve sat on my ass for the last 6 weeks. I can’t sit on my ass no more. I know the meaning of the word “laid up” and I don’t wanna do it again. I’m a bit scared,… Read more →

Barbarian in the Gate… and you let him in

What do you do if the barbarian in in the gate? He’s walked right through the gate, and you let him in. He’s inside. You can’t let him out, because circumstances require someone to take up that space… how do you deal with it? Proactively. Will the barbarian, marked as spoiled, choose to continue to enter the gates? Walk amongst… Read more →


Sharing this post I found. It echoes my thoughts well. “…So many people honestly seem to believe this bill is just to fight piracy. No one is protesting to help pirates. ┬áThis bill goes far beyond the reaches of piracy, and the “piracy” part of the name is there to dupe people too lazy to read (which is most americans… Read more →

Musings upon existance

I’m curious, really. What the heck am I doing here right now? I mean the physical here, not metaphysical. I’m sitting in the condo, which I still barely call home. I have trouble saying “come over to my house”. I say “come over to my place.” I have no house now. My house is my Dad’s house. That’s what I… Read more →

Kindle Fire – Review

I’m lucky enough to have gotten a Kindle Fire right off the bat. Here’s a few initial thoughts: 1. This is not replacement or even legit competitor to the iPad or other Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy, Toshiba Thrive, Motorola Xoom, etc). I really like that when I ordered it, the settings were input into the device, so it was automatically… Read more →