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find your dreams

look back behind but stray not from the pointed line for onward is the only place you can find your dreams learn from your mistakes never without trace the rhythm may sway but your target stays in the place you can find your dreams dazzle me with your shiny futuristic machines pray if you must to satisfy the trust in… Read more →

“Weird Al” lyrics

I was driven today after Weird Al’s latest album release to create something, and chucked this nugget together while driving home… when I saw one of these things… thusly, an ode… to the Nissan Van. Imagine this to the tune of the seminal classic from the Pointer Sisters: Neutron Dance. I don’t want to look at it anymore I’ll just… Read more →

Nosey People

Some people have severe nose problems, and need to mind their own business. This message brought to you Thanks to a nosey person with severe gossipitis. You know who you are, and if you’re reading this, yeah, you should feel really bad. Cause you ruined my day, week and month. I cannot believe a person would gossip like that, draw… Read more →

Stupid Cat

This morning, I could not find my wallet. I was pissed. I started looking all over for my wallet, because I only put my wallet in a few places to avoid this kind of thing. I started to think “Oh crud (friendly thought language), I must have dropped it at Trader Joes or something last night!” So I started ripping… Read more →

Deep Thoughts and other crap

What if this is just the beginning? There’s some story or another about 3 earth-like planets found around a star recently. Scientists claim it’s too hot there to support Earth-style life, but they also make teh point that finding these planets proves that it’s a “crowded” universe. So, if we assume there are lots and lots and lots of planets… Read more →