Category: Poetry

I Feel

I feel my mind slipping away I am a pebble at the bottom of a lake Currents churn and wisps of sunlight reach my skin algae grows and dies with the night the lips of a fish craze again bald and bare to all I dare The hardest part of the day isn’t the moment we awake but the moment… Read more →

Real Life

I fight the urge to fade away so quietly I want to be remembered to be of dreams with true feeling not to be emptied or meaningless but full of twists My plot takes thought to comprehend cause my life is real I’m not a fantasy nor a nightmare scream just a real live guy With real life fears hopes… Read more →

Innocence Fades

Bright and shiny hard and cold twinkling lights hidden in cloudy skies and so far away the naked eye cannot discern the shape of all to be but there it is always coming perception is the flavor sweet or sour good or bad placid or evil life is what you taste it until the end always bitter and unfinished We… Read more →

Life is just a Game

I’m trying to say something intelligent but all that comes out a drizzling spout a turgid dreams dribbling down my chin into a puddle on my shirt that says Life is just a Game Magic books that guide their lives special men who bring the light a zombie risen from the grave or resurrection lay the blame the stories told… Read more →

The Way I Feel

I used to think it was all clean colored inside the lines in easily identified hues and shades I think we’d all like to believe still a child can we be as adults with responsibilities but only a fool dares such things I’d rather go outside and play than sit here and stare at this screen I’d rather run around… Read more →

Land Side Mortal

Don’t ask me to stay normal cause the sky was made of the land side mortal and we shall not speak of the demons we breach when the morning sun rise They dance as if to rain they pray as if no pain they’re fools of the vain The rhythm of reality bangs the shiny drums of the day and… Read more →

Never spoke the Words

…and the darkness reigned supreme from the moment man dared to dream Hell isn’t something you reach when blessed sleep comes to being Hell is every single day on this rotten ball of clay …and the darkness sang of his praise in sarcastically worded phrase Go ahead and struggle for the light bitch and whine about your plight the more… Read more →

Doesn’t Really Matter

Guess it really doesn’t matter cause nobody is coming to my rescue I can do whatever difference time difference place all ends up the same way The sun rises and shadows cast there’s some play the shadows dance words are cast and doubt aghast A pleasant interlude merely a way to make you doubt all before and all yet about… Read more →

What I would give

What I would give to be a real human boy the automation I have become is full of lust for just one to feel something again to release all held within to fear to cry to love to imagine beyond the lines What I would give to be a real human boy full of fear and loathe to lie to… Read more →

Scribbled on a Pad

“I Love You” is just a fleeting lie. I hate that this thought passed before my mind.” “What did I ever do to lose you? All I ever did was dare to love you” Reckless Abandonment Hurts. All i feel for you can be summarized in a kiss and then some Believe in us. Through the darkest of times my… Read more →