Category: Poetry

Running From

Nothing new exists under this sun everything that ever was and everything that ever will has been done or ordained to come so what now are you running from? Inevitable as the novae as sure as gravity’s embrace wipe the smile from your face there’s no difference between the beginning and the end except the distance you subscribe nothing moves… Read more →

Quite Bent

Made real was a dream it wasn’t presented well so I said to the sell now I’m going to hell cause it wasn’t a dream but the real thing and I’m not buying the devil’s trying to make me cry Confused or abused no difference accused concussed by a bit of bluff not quite a hot dance more of a… Read more →

Levels of Alone

Beg Beg Beg, I Beg is it enough to stand aside and dare to derive meaning from the emptiness that thrives there are levels of alone you dare never to have known yet here we are Beg Beg Beg, I Beg your pardon one moment dance with me just once again twirling smiling and laughing finally falling to sleep there… Read more →

Staring Back at Me

Staring back at me Tied up in a bundle of fear I ask the stars to guide me among the answers near and far inbetween and apart but all I saw was a mirror staring back at me with sunken eyes and a twisted leer When he grinned no emotion dead gaze infinitely sheer absent all humanity a robot an… Read more →

so broken

so broken can’t keep it in my brains explode entrails and toads words with barbs and twisting loads so broken treated like a whim dancing on the head of a really sharpened pen tasting all the angry dreams dropped on the end of a woken scream so broken I’m so broken wishful thinking the same path in comprehend nothing but… Read more →

now what am i to do

Walked the road to find my impending doom came and gone left me cold and tired unknowing of all conspired broken are my dreams my fears empty hearted barely started now what am I to do Time runs you down no matter how fast you run Time grinds you out no matter how far you’ve come Experience has no equality… Read more →

I am Broken

I am broken life has spoken don’t you wish the answer different but facts are solid opinions pallid life has spoken said I am broken i’m not joking nor contorting just all too aware of circumstances I am the darkness not the brightness I am the shadows unseen than rather reflecting nothing but pain and suffering my mind is fading… Read more →

Wake up and Die

Rain down the morning light your eyes flutter thrice fight the urge to open wide doomed to know it’s time to wake up wake up wake up and die live very day as if it were the last of your life wake up wake up wake up and die Did you make someone smile? Did you help your fellow man?… Read more →

Wrought Avown

The breeze blows on the leaves slowly they start falling the hues change from green as if the sky to ground flaming Change is coming a rainbow confessed to running away with the cloud yesterday The sun screamed in horror at the fog and clouds that pour higher still to the darkened sky no one can see the light Flames… Read more →