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Goodbye, Personal Vanity Domain

This post services only one purpose: to note that I will soon be sending down the tubes and be done dealing with GoDaddy’s Web hosting services. It’s just apparently too difficult to get them to fix their hosting services, so I’ll be moving on. At the same time, I’ll be updating to a new fancy domain at some point… Read more →


Seems that as of late, I’m mostly writing poetry. Kind of because it’s becoming hard to say what I really feel in a straightfoward fashion. Poetry is my therapy. I write some bad poetry, that’s basically asking questions. And then sometime after that, I answer it myself in the form of a poem. Except not really of late. It’s been… Read more →

Blown Up

I’m afraid I’ve gone too far again. I’m feeling very blown up right now. I’m working on Sunday afternoon, because someone has to. The person scheduled basically “forgot” they had a trip, and then while I’m at desk on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I see a picture with them on the other side of the state basking in the sun.… Read more →

Let’s Get Busy…

Haven’t said much about my state(s) of mind, so I’ll do some quick summaries of random thoughts bouncing around… a. I’m over worked. I love my job… but I’m over worked. b. I’m over extended… on everything. I eat too much. I spend too much. I work too much… and I don’t work out enough, and I don’t save enough… Read more →


“Hi there, I’d like to check out the Internet.” Me: “Well, we have public internet computers downstairs” “No, you don’t get it. I want to check OUT the Internet.” Me <scratches beard in deep thought> Me: “Alright, follow me.” <leads patron to door> Me: “There’s the Internet. It’s everything. It’s everywhere. It’s not a book. It’s not a DVD. It’s… Read more →

A simple statement

I search deep in my soul for the former demon or angel that made me believe I was a creative genius. I beg that sweet bastard to come out and play. I stare inward, only the whites of my eyes visible to the crowd around me. I barely hear the rumble of their collective discontent. Stray words from the outside… Read more →

The Last Lonely One

I’m the last one. The last of a huge family, the last who hasn’t gotten married. Everyone else: married. I’m the last one without kids. The last one who hasn’t even been engaged. How should I feel about this? I’m the last lonely one. The legacy that will never extend. Not by choice. Most definitely not. It’s just the way… Read more →

Fully Randomized Caterwauling

very little of anything is making much sense these days… I’m struggling right now with both the mental and physical phases. a. My left leg keeps fighting me. i keep trying to be more physical, but bugs keep cropping up. Right now, my ankle feels stiff and fragile. and my back feels like I slipped a disc. I’m starting to… Read more →

Ford C-Max: A Review

Last year, just before Thanksgiving, I ordered a brand spankin new Ford C-Max Hybrid. Fresh outta the gate, it’s offering 47 mpg, city AND highway, with 47mpg combined. I test drove a Chevy Sonic (loved it), a Hyundai Elantra (looks great, interior great, but powered by an anemic hamster with COPD), a Ford Focus (drives great, but cramped inside), and… Read more →