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Testing a new look, primarily to delve into Responsive design. The current template is only partially responsive from my tests. I also need to fix my logo up a bit… keep an eye out.

The Problem with Internet Filtering

I’m finding this puzzling. The Government has decided that the best thing they can do “for the children” is attempt to force the use of an Internet Filter in schools and public libraries by withholding grants and discounts unless a library or school implements a software or hardware filtering solution. In order to get grants and discounts on Internet access,… Read more →

Automobile Roulette

Well, the lease on my CX-7 is just about up, so I started the process of shopping for a new vehicle. I’m going to share my experiences here so maybe others can learn about things, but mostly just to outline my thinking… I realized I wanted a vehicle with better gas mileage than I was getting. The CX-7 varied from… Read more →

March – Onward?

March was one hell of a month for me. I can’t recall the last time I worked that hard. I worked almost 16 days straight with a day off to start the month. Tons of projects came to completion. I became haggard, whiny, and angry. I snapped at people. But… what an ending to the month. The last 2 weeks… Read more →

Confrontation and Confusion

I do not do confrontation well. There was an incident where we found someone doing something they shouldn’t do. It should have been simple. I should have simply ejected the person from the place. I mean, they were violating the code of conduct, and more to the point, likely breaking the law. Instead, I froze. The kid was really good,… Read more →

Bugatti Veyron vs Smart ForTwo

Images: Price: Veyron = $2.1 million ForTwo = $15,000 Winner: ForTwo For the price of 1 Veyron, you can buy 140 ForTwos. Horsepower: Veyron = 1,184 HP (w/Hi Octane Gas) from a 8.0L Turbo Charged W16 Smart = about 90hp from an 1.0L inline 3 cylinder Winner: ForTwo If only because the combined HP rating of 140 ForTwo’s is around… Read more →

Update from the Netherworld

Well, I haven’t left a message in awhile. However, my site isn’t dead: I just haven’t had anything momentous to share. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been able to take a vacation It was a driving vacation, and I quite enjoyed it. Here follow some thoughts on the states I drove through in chronological order: Ohio (Northern): Defective by… Read more →