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Blown Up

I’m afraid I’ve gone too far again. I’m feeling very blown up right now. I’m working on Sunday afternoon, because someone has to. The person scheduled basically “forgot” they had a trip, and then while I’m at desk on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I see a picture with them on the other side of the state basking in the sun.… Read more →

Let’s Get Busy…

Haven’t said much about my state(s) of mind, so I’ll do some quick summaries of random thoughts bouncing around… a. I’m over worked. I love my job… but I’m over worked. b. I’m over extended… on everything. I eat too much. I spend too much. I work too much… and I don’t work out enough, and I don’t save enough… Read more →

Grandpa Smith (Bumpa)

I’ve been thinking about my Grandpa Smith an awful lot lately. Just when I let my mind cool off, library and computers… I start trying to remember what my grandpa’s voice sounded like. What he looked like, smelled like, sounded like, acted like.I keep having visions of him, ata¬† birthday, giving me a tent. It was an orange pup tent.… Read more →