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The Words they Never Said

So I grew up knowing the truth the words they never said but always meant to we’ll stop you cause we’re broken too Like a demons breath the words they never said but their eyes darting across the room afraid to be closer too It’s fine by me the words they never said cause the truth is known by other… Read more →

The Rose, The Thorn, The Bud

The rose is what was good to you the thorn is what was bad today the bud is what you’ll dream tonight… Wisdom fed from the mouths of babes who know not what it is they say but somehow its is wise anyways… Shadows dance in the faintest light cast from the brightest source as if nothing will ever be…… Read more →

Cred Like a Hole (Trump Money)

(Parody of the song Head like a Hole, by Nine Inch Nails) Trump money they’ll do anything for you Trump money just tells you what they want you to Trump money sells every soul for the wall Trump money don’t want everything he wants it all No you can’t fake it No you can’t make it No you can’t take… Read more →

Just the Wind and Me

Things happen in the world without your permission cause reality ain’t here for your play time You want to swing on a vine then find a vine you can afford or find a girl who isn’t yours and change her mind Truth hides somewhere in the words we seep out in a herd of unspoken blistering anger than consumes the… Read more →

Rock out to the music

Rock out to the music only heard in my ears which don’t hear anything at all so this ripping beat this sweet singing must not really be Just because only in my mind don’t mean it ain’t real the tree falls in the woods it makes a sound whether you hear it or not Sad to tell you, earthlings you… Read more →

Heart does sing

Such a long time to spend your life wondering if this is all there is perhaps the world is bigger than your eyes can see You heart just has to be the king of logically courage is to step beyond the comfort of todays arms sprain your ankle on a rocky slope pull yourself up and hop to the nearest… Read more →

Heavens to Speak

I beg down the heavens to speak but they won’t be coming I was told to grow a pair speak for yourself and maybe soon you’ll come back again Until then the streets are avoided and the back way is found deploring and I blaze a path through the woods to find you at last wandering I’m still scratchng my… Read more →

I Feel

I feel my mind slipping away I am a pebble at the bottom of a lake Currents churn and wisps of sunlight reach my skin algae grows and dies with the night the lips of a fish craze again bald and bare to all I dare The hardest part of the day isn’t the moment we awake but the moment… Read more →

The Ends of Zorg

(Preface: This is a poem I wrote a very long time ago, and for reasons unknown the majority or it suddenly¬† burst forth through my frontal lobe like the Koolaid Man today as I thought “Hey, it’s poetry month”. So I’ll see what I can remember and redo from my historical cache of “poetry” but this one is obviously song… Read more →

Innocence Fades

Bright and shiny hard and cold twinkling lights hidden in cloudy skies and so far away the naked eye cannot discern the shape of all to be but there it is always coming perception is the flavor sweet or sour good or bad placid or evil life is what you taste it until the end always bitter and unfinished We… Read more →