Captioning in Theaters

I was very surprised to find the local AMC Livonia has deployed a very nice closed captioning system for most of their screens.

On Friday, we went to see The Hobbit, but the system was broke (so we saw The Hobbit for FREE!)

Saturday, we went to see Lincoln, and the captioning did work for that screen. The technology is called Doremi Captiview ( and it worked fairly well. It had some signal issues, but otherwise, I was able tof ollow a very wordy movie that would have been useless to me without.

Earlier in the day, I’d emailed Emagine theaters, asking when they would put Rear Window or other Caption tech into their theaters. I was advised that they’re “testing” the Doremi Captiview at the Royal Oak Emagine theater. They would do deploy more until the status of a law requiring captioning in theaters is fully vetted. I ended my discussion with them by making what I feel is a relevant point (even though I know the answer is “money”): Why does it take a law to get this technology into theaters? Seems silly to me to ignore a portion of your audience like that…

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