Burning Intent of Madness contained

Not everyone is given the gift
of functionality and insight to see
Not everyone is given the time
to learn of the how and why

Some are driven to madness
by dreams unachieved
and some are driven to say
the world isn’t made for me

And some stand on the molehill
and praise it as a mountain
but only a few can tell the truth
of a sterling breeze and darkening

Distance is a fallacy when
tenuous so may it seem
when the heart is strong and true
Never unmoored will be these strings

Some say it’s madness to continue
your course is broken
unto doubt cast your token
and dare to find anew

Some say it’s madness contained
to hold your course true
some say it’s romantic
to hold you course true

Some say it’s fantastic
to deny reality
some say it’s s racket
to dare true love ain’t true


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