Bugatti Veyron vs Smart ForTwo

Smart ForTwo

Veyron = $2.1 million
ForTwo = $15,000
Winner: ForTwo
For the price of 1 Veyron, you can buy 140 ForTwos.

Veyron = 1,184 HP (w/Hi Octane Gas) from a 8.0L Turbo Charged W16
Smart = about 90hp from an 1.0L inline 3 cylinder
Winner: ForTwo
If only because the combined HP rating of 140 ForTwo’s is around 12,600 HP, significant more than a puny 1,184 HP

Gas Mileage:
Veyron = 9.6 MPG
ForTwo = 35 MPG
Winner: ForTwo
With 140 of these, you’re using more fuel per mile, but…

Passenger Capacity:
Veyron = 2
ForTwo = 2
Winner: ForTwo
If only because 140 ForTwo’s will hold 280 people.

Top Speed:
Veyron = 253.81mph
ForTwo = 90mph
Winner: Veyron
Even with 140 ForTwo’s, not a one of them is going faster than 90mph.

Well, with 140 ForTwo’s at your disposal, the cars would become pretty much disposable, which means everytime one of them breaks down, you’d just toss it (literally) on the growing pile in your backyard. Your neighbors would complain about the toxic waste dump forming.
With the Veyron, every time something breaks, you’d take it to the dealership, and since you’re filthy rich, they’d give you another one as a loner, or something similar like a Koenigsegg to keep you happy while waiting 3 or 4 months for the parts to be smelted, forged, shipped and installed from Europe.
Winner: (TIE) ForTwo and Veyron
If only because pissing off your neighbors with discarded automobiles is totally backwoods, but the experience with repairing a Bugatti is likely much more pleasant… unless you blow up the Koenigsegg, which is quite likely.

Ride/Drive Comfort:
The Veyron is likely to plaster your face back. Saves money on facelifts. However, the local police would likely park outside your house and give you tickets any time you accidentally depress the gas pedal more than a quarter inch. Ride would be smooth, exciting, and generally cause unsuspecting passengers to screech relentlessly and vacate their bowels without control.
The ForTwo has a grabby transmission, takes 16 seconds to reach 60 miles an hour, and would likely be blown off the Mackinac Bridge by a light westerly breeze.
Winner: ForTwo
Neither vehicle provides enough trunk space to take more than a bundle of Q-Tips on your trip up north, but at least the ForTwo has a cup holder. Also, with 140 of them, all your friends, family, and even their friends could go on the trip.

Obvious Winner: Smart ForTwo

(Sarcasm Off)

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