Battle of the Books

Whoa boy, that was freaking awesome. We rocked the house tonight with Battle of the Books.

41 teams signed up.
38 showed up. About 175 kids in 4th, 5th and 6th grade.

1700 slides of Powerpoint for 64 questions.

6 computers, 6 Flash drives, 4 power strips and extension cords.

We had to do a stage setup last week to plan out how everything should be set up. I planned out the scoring methodology, the stage, the seating, the presentation… oh my Lord, we could not have done better.

Even having to run basic training for volunteers (4 scorers, 4 judges and 12 runners) while setting up everything, our timing was spot on. The kids started showing up EARLY… in COSTUME.

We finished at exactly 8:50pm, exactly when we expected to finish.

There were a minimum of 400 people in the NHS cafeteria, man. Everything we set up was like clockwork. Parents congratulated us afterwards, and I was even personally thanked for the presentation.

During the first question, I was monitoring the scoring to make sure it was working correctly. I was looking down at the computer and this ROAR came from the crowd. It was the roar of 38 teams of kids learning whether or not they were right on the first question. It surprised me. I didn’t expect that kind of cheering. They loved it…. and they kept cheering (until the questions got harder).

There were a maximum of 320 possible. The best score was 269. Maybe the questions were too hard 🙂

Either way, I’m really happy with how well it worked out. Suzanne, Karen and myself did a spectacular job in bringing the single largest NDL event ever to being.

Now, I sleep.

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