Barbarian in the Gate… and you let him in

What do you do if the barbarian in in the gate? He’s walked right through the gate, and you let him in. He’s inside.

You can’t let him out, because circumstances require someone to take up that space… how do you deal with it?

Proactively. Will the barbarian, marked as spoiled, choose to continue to enter the gates? Walk amongst us, like a monster amongst men? Pretend nothing is wrong? Or will he stay home, run away from his crimes, and force us to bring… shall we say… more extensive legal forms of persuasion to force?

How do you remain professional, calm and collected when someone has so completely violated your trust? Do you learn from it? become paranoid from it? How do you treat that person? with disgust? pity? hatred?

From my personal viewpoint… “you asshole.” and the rest is too disgusting to publish in any form or fashion except for the part which states “you are a quantum probability of zero.” What a shame.

From my professional viewpoint… “you asshole. get out of here. Don’t come back. ever.”

I’m not sure that’s the correct answer, but that’s where I am now.

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