Annoyances and More

I am so annoyed right now. I was sitting here trying to work, and people kept ringing my door bell. Some guy from Clean Water Act wanting money from me (Sorry, I’m broke) and then 2 guys with AT&T jackets and badges showed up on the porch almost right after wanting me to switch IMMEDIATELY to AT&T for all my services.

Twice I told the guy: I don’t HAVE A PHONE and don’t NEED A PHONE. Didn’t get through. Duh huh.

Regardless of which, the idiots would not get off my porch in timely manner, and attempted to pressure sale me… including flat out lying to me. “Oh, you have to switch soon because all analog is switching to digital!”

Umm… okay… umm… No. Wireless signals are switching to analog. Maybe phones are too. Either way, I don’t use a stupid phone, nor care about phones… in a perfect world (for me), all phones would be thrown out in favor of text messaging.

I was considering the AT&T U-Verse service, but the pressure sales just piss me off. They took my address… just pissed me off. They literally forced me to sign something which supposedly said I wasn’t ordering their service now, and that better damn well be what it is. Sure, the prices are better, but their salesmen suck donkey balls. If they show up trying to install in my place… I won’t be responsible because right now, I wish I weren’t so damn nice. Because right now, I wish I punched those 2 idiots in the face and broke their already crooked noses. Seriously. I feel taken advantage of. I can’t believe I signed something… WTF? I’m smarter than that… or at least I thought I was.

I wanted to write a complaint letter out to AT&T in regards to these tacties, but apparently they have no means of doing this on their website. Isn’t it against the law to make it impossible for deaf people to contact a company? What the hell? So I scatter emailed them at postmaster and support. Doubt it will amount to anything.

Just a piss poor way to make sales, man.

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