The time has come. I will no longer be employed by The Library Network after February 11th.

I have mixed feelings about this. My duties with TLN have been gradually whittled down to almost nothing. My hours with them have been scarce, and I was tiring of having to argue about time sheets and feeling ignored by them. I was planning to discuss my employment with Angie. My plan would have been to suggest they pay me as a 1099 employee, which might have tax advantages for me. I realized I couldn’t have that discussion until I was ready to go. Guess I don’t have to make that decision now: it’s been made for me.

I worked for TLN from November 1995 until November 1998. I then quit to work full time with Northville. TLN called me up in April 1999 asking me to take the website job over on the side for awhile. Well, that “awhile” turned into almost 9 years. I’ve been doing the Newsletter for so long, It’s going to be like I have to quit smoking… I’m addicted to working on the Newsletter. What will I do with my Monday evenings now? I have no idea!

I’ve worked for TLN for almost 12 years total, which when you think of it… is just as long as I went to school… from First Grade to High School Senior. I learned a lot about the power of team work. I remember Kerry telling me “just get it done, fast and effectively”. I remember working on countless jobs with Mark, Johnie, John and Scott. Mark and I battled spammers, crackers, virii, old hardware, crusty bosses, apathy and more through the years. Johnie taught me to respect the power of a real hacker. Kerry taught me how to work hard and focus. Scott taught me how to be a great guy and work harder.

I admit to being a wee bit bitter about it right now. I really wanted to work with Derek. I wanted to see if we could be the next “dynamic duo” at TLN. Alas… it is not to be. This saddens me the most right now.

I enjoyed working with Mark, John, Irene, Anne, Damon, Scott, Kerry, Johnie, Don, Brigette, Jim, Corliss and all the others through the years. I just kind of feel I deserved a better send off, you know? I wouldn’t expect a gold watch, but a nice “bye now, thanks for the memories” would have been lovely. It doesn’t appear in the offing with the cold email “your services are no longer required” treatment I got.

So I guess I’ll just include that in here for the record:
To John, Irene, Anne, Damon, Brigette, Jim, Mike, Corliss, Susan, Derek and anyone else I’ve forgotten
– I’ve enjoyed working with you all, and hope you all have success and happiness at whatever you do in life.

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