Just posting my mind on the adoption stuff…

It amazes me how much Chris and Kim are going through to become parents. They have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they will be fit parents. Not just fit… they have to ace the test. They have to get straight A’s and present themselves as… I dunno… 1950’s Ward and June Cleaver or something. They have to travel around the world twice, present themselves in a court that speaks a language they don’t understand, and put their lives and the fate of their family in the hands of other people. It’s frightening… and inspiring.

On the flip side, what REALLY PISSES me off is that Joe Schmo and his “friend with benefits” Jane (rhymes with Switch) can randomly exchange bodily fluids, have children, then beat them silly and the kids grow up serial killers.


It honestly pisses me off.

I know Chris and Kim will be great parents. I don’t need to see the paper work. I know they’ll be great parents… and I wish they didn’t have to wait so long to bring my nephew home. It stuns me that their first real bonding experience with their son will be 20 hours of International travel…

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