MC Spoo


The sweet sound of nothingness is interrupted by something less
savory than a moment with thee, cause jealousy
bends its knee unto all who dare
to gaze upon the two of us...

The elephant in the room, it shrieks and cries
cause everything therein remembered
means nothing to the future
but just a single phrase: goodbye

A decision to be made with a serious face
no laughter to pass no matter too crass
speak now or forever hold your peace
and accept what's written to be

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Everybody Wants to Be There

Everybody wants to be there
when things are shiny and bright
nobody wants to know where
when it's darkest in the night

The beauty of this equation
tells who really loves you
cause when you're at the lowest rung
happiness is who pulls you up


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Happiness is just a myth
life has taught me this

For fleeting moments you may have it
till counterbalance refunds your wits

Doesn't mean you shouldn't try
to be happy and wise

Just understand in your mind
sadness is the balance and wine

so many stars in the sky
surrounded ever by the dark

keep fighting for the light
til the night is ever bright

and the moment you seek
rises again so sweet

and happiness is not a myth
but right here in our hands

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Let me summarize this…

The election is over. Barack Obama will get 4 more years to write his memoir. Whether good or bad, this post isn't so much about the victory, but about the issues... which no election should EVER be about.

Note One: Dear assholes, stop using that word (entitlements). I do not think it means what you think it means.
Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements. They're PAID FOR. I've worked now for over 20 years, and the entire time I've work, I've paid taxes for Social Security and Medicare. When it's my time to collect those, I'm not "entitled" to those: I PAID FOR IT.

An entitlement is something you think you're owed and never worked a minute for. I am not entitled to anything except freedom. I paid for SS/Medicare. My Dad did. Your parents did. So please, learn what the heck the word means.

If SS and Medicare aren't there when I need them, then I've been robbed, and should have the right to sue the Federal Government for it. I've already paid hundreds of thousands into these things. I'm OWED these things because I PAID FOR IT.

Does that make sense to you? Either way, you're "entitled" to your opinion. (See how that works?)

Note Two:
Some of you need to own up to a simple fact: you're not against the Democrats. You're against the black Democrat in the highest office of the land.

There is no logical argument for the maintenance of a racist point of view in this world. We are the United States of America, and we have grown up past that childish phase of existence. Please, stop being racist. Stop teaching your children racism. GROW. UP.

If you enter any sort of argument to support your "opinion", you are simply amplifying the reality that YOU are mentally immature and incapable of being a productive member of society.

Note Three:
The White Majority is dead. There is no majority: just US.

I believe a white person SHOULD be able to have pride in themselves, but the form this pride takes is often wrong (KKK, anyone?). I take pride in knowing my ancestors were hard working people from Ireland, and magnificent Cherokee warriors from the plains.

Ignore the "majority" of color. It infects all manners of people, causing them to fragment themselves from the whole for the sake of meaninglessness. Consider the case of the Black Panthers at the polls in 2012... What the hell was the point of that? What did anyone's agenda achieve by having dudes in silly berets at the polls, tying to look strong, but looking like they took too much Metamucil before they got there. There IS a difference between 'I'm "strong and proud" and "I gotta poop real bad!".

Racism is a terrible thing. Get interested in a more interesting and productive group: WE. THE PEOPLE. Of the United States of America.

Let us drop this silly preface of racism, and form a more perfect union.

Note Four:
Now, a more localized opinion.

Matty Moroun...A Moron with U in it.

"Let the people decide" was a $42 million bullshit cry. The people decided, and buried his lies. Now, he's threatening to sue the state until it surrenders. His billions vs the State of Michigan. Cause that's what we decided, right? Was was his $42 millon campaign on "Let the people decide" a smoke screen and lie?

Actions speak louder than words, Matty. You're a defunct obstructionist. WE SPOKE.. and if you sue the state over this stuff, you'll have spoken ever more loudly and clearly that Matty Maroun doesn't give a shit about the entire state of Michigan. How you gonna win then? No matter how many billions of dollars you have, there's still more of US than there is of U.

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iPad Mini vs iPad 2 – Summary

I was once told that some people would prefer to have a large tablet, which would be easier to read. The iPad mini as a diagonal viewing space of 7.9", which is slightly larger than my Google Nexus 7.

The iPad 2 has a 9.7" viewable screen. Then "density" of pixels between the 2 is 132 (ipad 2) vs 163 (ipad Mini). The screen resolution is the same: 1024 x 768.

Due to the size, the mini is LIGHTER, but only by 0.6 lbs.

The mini cost $329 new. The iPad 2 cost $399 new.

Now, they both have the same processor (an A5 processor) and run exactly the same speed. The mini has a slightly better camera resolution, but not terribly so. Both have front and back facing cameras.

You can also order both with just WIFI or with 3G connections. The 3G connection versions are going to cost much more either way. the 3G/Wifi version pricing is a bigger discrepancy, and would tilt towards the iPad mini ($499 vs $529 for the iPad 2) if that is part of your considerations (it would mean he could use a tablet ANYWHERE there's a phone signal, but you also pay monthly rates like an cell phone device).

Essentially, the screen size is easier to read on the iPad 2 than the iPad mini, but the functionality of both is essentially the same. There is no difference is the iOS versions, or what they can do. Apple DOES keep some "goodies" specifically for the mini that are NOT accessible on the iPad 2 (Apple Maps, for one), but these are minor. If screen size and readability are more important, then you'll want to consider the iPad 2.

If having the "goodies" is more important than screen size, then I'm sure anyone would enjoy the iPad mini too.

Just a note that you can have either one "inscribed" by Apple for a small fee as well :)

With either, I would see about getting a nice case for it. I find when the tablet is in a nice case, it will look "new" and inviting well past purchase date. The ones that don't have a case will get scratched and "worn" on the back after a year or so of use. If the case gets worn out, you can always get a new one, and your tablet still looks "perfect".

Now, the monkey wrench in this analysis: If an extra $100 isn't an issue, I would TOTALLY look at the top end iPad, the iPad with Retina Display ($499 for the 16GB Wifi model). This is the "latest" iPad version, is a full 9.5" viewable (same size as the iPad 2), but the screen is MUCH more crisp, featuring 264dpi (just below the average human visual acuity peak of 300dpi). That is the "king" of all tablets right now, closely followed by the recently released Google Nexus 10 (a whole different ball game, but only cost $399 new with 300dpi screen, available Nov 13th).

You can see the basic stats for all models at:

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Scribbled on a Pad

"I Love You"
is just a fleeting lie.
I hate that
this thought
passed before
my mind."

"What did I ever do
to lose you?
All I ever did
was dare
to love you"

Reckless Abandonment

All i feel for you
can be summarized
in a kiss
and then some
Believe in us.

Through the darkest of times
my thoughts are of you
and how you are doing
my own pain is nothing
compared to my worries
for you.

I cry
we lost
our love.

Find Me
I'm still
in Love
with you.

It's not the worst that could happen
but darn close if ever was
the moment you spoke your words
cloaked in anger designed to say
the end of you and me she spake

Better ways there were
denied these ways she did
in Yoda speak do I
searching for the gist
of what the deal is

There's no reason to hold
a love so bold
no reason to live
a life on hold

She only wanted it to be cold
to burn the heat of what I'm told
without the words ever spoke
I'd know she said the end is nigh
good bye good bye she never said

It's not the worst that could happen
but darn close if ever was
the moment you spoke your words
cloaked in anger designed to say
the end of you and me she spake

I had a dream of you and me
it died unsung so ever badly
It was sweet and innocent
unlike the way you told me
to get a clue and move on to...

Something else but nothing said
I'm still left guessing
did she say or did she not
are we done and left to rot?

There's no reason to hold
a love so bold
no reason to live
a life on hold

She's never coming back again
even if the past was given
she's gone from me
and Now I'm lost or never found

young or old
it hurts like hell
run away and never tell
or stand up tall, fists in a ball
ready to go again

Just say the words
plain and true
color them not
starkly will do

if our love is too bold
then let me go
there's no reason to live
a life on hold

waiting for you



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