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9-9-9 aka “you can’t count, can you?”

Just a commentary here...

Herman Cain has unveiled a rehash of Perot's flat tax plan, entitled 9-9-9 that has a bunch of rich people and big ass businesses REALLY excited... and they should be. I mean, right now, a family with $10,000,000 in income is taxed around 37%. Under Mr. Cain's plan, their tax burden would plummet.

Of course, Mr. Cain apparently can't add. Take away that tax income, and the whole freaking government collapses. Nor can he forsee the obvious: a ton of tax lawyers out of work (I'm not sure THAT part is bad, but... in this job market, do you really wanna pull a Snyder and kill an industry? Hrm...)

So I paraphrase unto the wise words of Uncle Ben Parker: With great cash, comes great responsibility.

If you make $10,000,000 a year, you make that money on your own hard work, and on the hard work of those working for you. The people who buy your products or services. And guess what? Some of those people make $2.80 an hour plus tips...

So, here's MY tax plan suggestion, which takes into account REALITY (i.e. most people don't make 10,000,000 bucks)

Up to $100,000 year, your tax is declared per 10,000.
So, $10,000 to $19,999 = %1.
20,000 to 29,999 = 2%
30,000 to 39,999 = 3%
40,000 to 49,999 = 4%
50,000 to 59,999 = 5%
60,000 to 69,999 = 6%
70,000 TO 79,999 = 7%
80,000 TO 89,999 = 8%
90,000 TO 99,999 = 9%

Once you reach $100,000 then it goes up 1% every $100,000.

$100,000 to 199,999 = 10%
200,000 to 299,999 - 11%

The max tax occurs at 40% of income, which occurs only for persons over $400,000 year income.

Now, I'm not a mathematician, or tax genius.. so who knows if this would work, but I'm pretty damn sure that with all loop holes removed this would be essentially equitable for all involved, and keep the government funded BY the people FOR the people.

Corporations? you pay the same thing. Your small business made only $15,000 PROFIT (that means above and beyond paying your workforce, ya know)? You're only paying %1. Your business made $450,000? 40%. The argument that this would cost jobs? Hogwash. Shit, it might cause raises just to eliminate paying taxes... but that still works to some extent, because you're putting money into the pockets of people who will spend it, rather than rich people who are never happy with how much money they have, and never willing to spend it on actual job creation because they buy bullshit like a faux tea party, or Herman Cain's inability to add, subtract or multiply.

Cain's 9 - 9 - 9 means 9% income tax, 9% national sales tax and 9% corporate income tax. My plan above refers to income taxes, personal and corporate... and doesn't make everything else more expensive. 9% sales tax, on top of state sales taxes? Great, just what we need: not only gas that costs $12/gal but a Snicker's bar that costs $14. So let's keep that money in people's hands, so they can spend it on goods, which creates more jobs.

What do I know? I'm just some guy, ya know?

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The first sample of light

When the first light of day washes it's harsh glare unto my eyes, the thought I have is of you.
The harsh light fades to a corona, and the warmth flushes through my veins.
The bloom is not yet of the rose when I feel the longing and absence, as I look to my side,
a blank canvas spanning the time between the vast empty moment
and the end of what seems eternity that you walk into the room
my eyes swing to you, and a gravitate towards you
I can't help but make idle chit chat
and I can't get closer to you
I can't burn up in the atmosphere with you
because we're grown ups with self control
and longings than shine brighter, hotter,
madder and wilder than anything I've ever experienced.

I feel like a lost, wandering child
insane in the moments away from you

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Deaf musings

So, my primary hearing aid blew out on me Thursday, sacrificed in sweat to the gods of the server rack and UPS. So I went home, grabbed my spare and went to the dealer to get repairs done. My spare had extremely low volume level. I asked Jackie to hook it up to the machine.. and then my spare craps out too. Jackie grabbed the most powerful aid she had on site, not quite at my level,:-)  and we set that up. I might be eligible to have Vocational Rehab help pay for a new hearing aid. Who knos? They didn't want to in 1994...

Off I went to lunch with my sweetie. I was trembling with irksomeness.

As we ate lunch, it became a parent that the loaner did not work correctly. Immensely loud beeps and bells were audible to my lady and people near by. To the point my hearing aid was turned off, and she typed to me through an ipad . As the beeping and drilling rings drew on, immense headaches settled in through the day... and I felt like crap. Still, my lady wanted to meet me at the bar that night... and I am addicted to her presense.

So we're at the bar and her feet are killing her. We both feel crabby. My head hurts. We're talking via Ipad and watching the Tigers/Yankees game. The more we talk... the less my head hurts. The happier I am to be there, with her. The longer we're there, the less her feet hurt. I describe the silliness, like the buttmark from chalk left on my car seat by her daughter the previous day. The immensely fascinating sociological structure of a Detroit sports fan.

The ringing is still intense, and goes off like fireworks as I kissed her good night. Thudding, blasts of furious emotional and hormonal excellence. Peace and satisfaction. Safety. Warmth. God, she smells good.

All through today, my head ached. The. I realized this. How beautiful it is to know I'm in love. To know that the presense of someone makes me feel better, even on my worst and toughest days. It's all worth it when I can be with her.


Momentary Lapse of Meh

I dreamed we were driving, somewhere outside a strange world in which Detroit and Boston are less than an hour by car. We were driving to a fight with another gang.

On the radio, a song played. It's the second time I've heard this song in a dream, but I know the song isn't real: it's just a song in my dream. The first time I heard it in a dream, I wrote the lyrics I heard down:

the world is a trap
and life is crap
even with a map
you can't find your way
through this maze of pain
heroin in your veins
might salve the day
but then you are lost and vain
and caught in the trap
stuck in a bin with all the crap

The date of that file is October 27, 2010. So how does a song that does not exist, play twice in my dream state(s), over a period of almost a year apart?

The music for these lyrics is best described as heavy metal nursery rhymes.

We were driving in an old Ford pickup with rusty sides, and my old Oak speakers in the bed. I was standing on the fender the entire way. The rest of the gang (a strange mix of Tech Comm'ers, Co-Workers, childhood friends I haven't seen in 20 years, and my brother) was piled up in the back of the pickup bed planking and giggling and singing along badly with the song.

Anyhow, we showed up to the fight at a house on a lake (the water was very dark, almost black, and it was windy and chilly), where we found out it was just a "gang" of girls with a bunch of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and a tea set and they wanted to play brunch.

"Let's have tea and biscuits!"