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Google Images Questionnaire

1) Answer the 20 questions below.
2) Take each answer and type it into Google's image search.
3) Take a picture from the first page of results and post all the images on your journal.
4) See if people can guess how you answered.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

2. A place you'd like to travel

3.Your favourite place

4.Your favorite object

5. Your favorite food

Your favourite animal

Your favourite colour

8.The town in which you were born

9. The town in which you live

10. The name of a past pet

The first name of a past love

Your nickname/screen name

Your first name

Your middle name

Your last name

A bad habit of yours

Your first job

Your grandmother's name

Your major in college

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A Few Sporting Thoughts

1. Hockey Shootout
I hate the shootout, and my reason is simple and undeniable: it takes a game that 2 teams have fought long and hard for and boils it down to individuals.

Hockey is not Ice Dancing. It is not downhill skiing. IT'S A TEAM SPORT! It's about how a group of individuals play together. The team that plays best together invariably wins, regardless of the star skill level on the opposing team.

The shootout tells the entire team: Piss on your efforts.

2. Steroids in Baseball
Essentially... who cares?

I mean, I'm not saying Steroids are good. They're not. But what's the purpose of outing a bunch of players for no purpose at all? Why include Gary Sheffield, considering he's explained what happened, without deviation of detail, repeatedly?

Why isn't Mark McGwire in the Hall of Fame? He quit baseball BEFORE steroids became illegal. Sure, if you want to level the playing field, then declare steroids illegal. Any idiot ordering them after the 2001 declaration that Steroids are "illegal in baseball" should be fined and suspended. But before that? Was Barry Bonds shooting up Steroids last year? With the media glare on him.. I think not. Mr. Mitchell... you're wasting our time.

Prove that Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Lou Gehrig, or any famous baseball player of the past didn't snort Cocaine, take uppers or downers, or other drugs before games? Oh? You can't? Then don't apply the steenking double standard.

This whole thing doesn't change my opinion of baseball at all. It's the past, and we're already past it. Almost all of the players listed in the Mitchell report are losers or players near the end of their careers. This is a big media baseball lynch mod that really has nothing to say, so it makes minor things sound much more important than they are.

3. U of M Coaching Debacle
Yeah, Lloyd wore out his welcome. Les Miles can suck it. I hope LSU is destroyed royally in the "BCS Joke Championship".

Then again... the whole U of M coach search is really just another big media event that amounts to nothing. A coach will be hired, and we'll find out in a year or 3 whether or not that was the right coach. It's time for the media to gulp down a great big glass of chill the heck out juice and just state that there's no news to report: just baseless speculation. If baseless speculation paid the bills, these journalists would be multi-zillionaires.

4. Why do I still watch wrestling? I imagine it's what being a crack addict is like. You know it's wrong, and it just doesn't fit your lifestyle, or who you are in life anymore... but you still watch it or smoke that last piece of crack. There's no satisfaction in it anymore. It's just something that dulls the pain of reality for a few hours, and burns away the few remains of your IQ like flickering ash. TNA is pure and utter crap with no semblance of creativity or continuity. WWE has whithered down to the lowest possible audience (meaning kids and dogs are interested in it). ROH isn't available in any form of media that's deaf friendly. Even Hulk Hogan is being reduced to a complete mockery of the mockery he already was. Steroids are crushing wrestling as we knew it. Why isn't Mr. Mitchell working on THAT instead of wasting time on Baseball?

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I love this stuff

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