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Just posting my mind on the adoption stuff...

It amazes me how much Chris and Kim are going through to become parents. They have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they will be fit parents. Not just fit... they have to ace the test. They have to get straight A's and present themselves as... I dunno... 1950's Ward and June Cleaver or something. They have to travel around the world twice, present themselves in a court that speaks a language they don't understand, and put their lives and the fate of their family in the hands of other people. It's frightening... and inspiring.

On the flip side, what REALLY PISSES me off is that Joe Schmo and his "friend with benefits" Jane (rhymes with Switch) can randomly exchange bodily fluids, have children, then beat them silly and the kids grow up serial killers.


It honestly pisses me off.

I know Chris and Kim will be great parents. I don't need to see the paper work. I know they'll be great parents... and I wish they didn't have to wait so long to bring my nephew home. It stuns me that their first real bonding experience with their son will be 20 hours of International travel...

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I hate the Hellhole

I hate this place. With all my heart. I do not like it here, and it has nothing to do with the place.

I simply do not trust the management of this condo association in the slightest. Witness the atrocity that has sprung DIRECTLY OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR:
Horrible Pink Paint

I don't know what else to do. All their work is destructive. This place is SO UGLY now, I swear, it has to lower the value of my house 10k. What am I supposed to do? I feel completely POWERLESS here.

Right now, I'm waiting for them to continue painting *MY* place. They're slapping on an awful, pastel green on my front door. Here's what it looks like after 1 very streaky coat:Pastel Green Door

To me, this looks like it belongs in a baby's bedroom... not my front door, nor the 5 garages under me.

They punch holes in my house.
They take forever to fix their holes.
They paint my house ugly colors.
The lower the value of my home by painting nearby houses even WORSE colors.

AND... They broke my garage door. The handle broke off.

You can't make this crap up. What kind of bad karma do I have to be pounded like this?


Hellhole: Another Sequel for your Enjoyment

The Hellhole shall never be defeated. Just when you thought it was safe to move back in... LEAKING PIPES SHALL HAUNT YOU!

Plumbers will be here tomorrow. I have to take time off work, because the washer/dryer water isn't working properly. Rather than wait to do things at 'condo speed', I contacted a plumber myself to address the matter.

(Note: It cost me $350. The problem was they did not properly tighten the faucet. Duh HUH. I'm a plumbing idiot. It just needed to be tightened up. Also, they had to replace the fill valve and flapper on my toilet. I also have "service" plan in place now to take care of the plumbing down the line)

Also, they're painting the exterior of the Hellhole now. As if to intentionally look like the phrase "Hell Hole", the trim is being painted a terribly horrible shade of light pastel green. It reminds me of... well, nothing in nature takes on this shade of green. It's bad. It's so soft, it looks like it's actually intended for a baby's bedroom. Instead, it's on MY HOUSE!

They also painted my garage door shut. The paint had literally glued my garage door shut. What the hell is going on here? Why is is that all the service folks hired by the condo association apparently don't give a dang about common decency for their fellow man? It's my house, don't I deserve to be treated like it? Like, hey, wipe yer damn feet, don't track mud, don't bad mouth my beliefs, and just plain be decent. Don't WE ALL DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE HUMAN BEINGS RATHER THAN WALKING BANK ACCOUNTS TO RANDOMLY RAPE CLEAN OF MONEY!?!?!

In other, slightly more pleasant news... Here's a Simpsonized picture of myself. Enjoy!
Simpsonized Mike

Lastly, I just want to say I'm excited and scared for Chris and Kim, as they're going to Russia to meet my probable future nephew. It's such a weird concept to me that my little brother is going to Russia. We're children of the 80's, when Russia was the big bad "Soviet Union", and we cheered as Rambo blew up random Russian soldiers in violent matter on TV and at the theater because we didn't know any better. How oddly frightening the bad guys of your childhood remain well after you're old and wise enough to know who the real boogeymen are. Regardless of which, I'm worried sick that someone will scam them. Like, they meet the child they are planning to adopt, fly back to the US and then someone calls them and says "We have your child. Pay us $50,000 or we ship you his kneecap overnight".

It's not even funny how hard it is to adopt a child... you have to work so very hard for it. You have to prove it beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt. And then there's morons left and right on the planet who keep having children "accidentally", proving that potential for being good parents has absolutely nothing to do with reality.


Hell Hole Three: Your A$$ is MINE!

The Hell Hole still continues. I'm stumped as to what constitutes "repair" now.

In this brand new episode of "Hell Hole Rapes Man of Innocence"... Following the wily Siding companies attempt to imitate a jack up bull in a china shop, they not only put holes in the hot water pipe... but they also put holes into ELECTRICAL CABLES!

It took me over a MONTH to get the condo assoc to take responsibility for this and send an Electrician out. They only did so grudgingly, and with threats about how I'd pay for it when the electrician found a problem inside. Idiots...

In any case, the electrician showed up, and within 10 minutes agreed that the siders did something... after another 45 minutes in which some discussion was made of "DON'T TOUCH THE TILE, DAMMIT!", the electrician convinced the condo assoc to allow him to cut a hole in the wall to fix the wiring. Lo and behold... Not one, but TWO nails were embedded into the wiring for my stove hood. The stud to which the wires were stapled was SCORCHED... meaning my house may very well have nearly burned itself down.

Now, 3 weeks AFTER that event... they're now JUST ABOUT getting around to finishing the hole from the electrical problem. It took (AGAIN!) convincing the condo assoc to do something about the lousy work habits of the company that's doing the siding. They either refused to do anything, or "didn't have time" to do anything about the hole for 2 weeks. Finally, the condo assoc threatened to withhold money from the siders for failing to effect repairs in timely fashion.

Now, the hole in nearly patched... and I don't know if they'll finish it (painting). In either case... I still have the SAME CONTRACTORS in my house since JUNE and they NOT DONE YET... because they still have to attach shutters (more holes in my house...), paint the trim, AND they have to re-attach the gutters.

Tell me... how the hell does it take THAT long to do what we did YEARS ago with Sal and Wendy's garage in less than 2 days? I'm flabbergasted, and disgusted by the damage they caused... it's all fixed, but why the hell did they cause the damage in the first place and THEN take so long to fix it???

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