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The Hellhole Returns: Part 2

So... the Condo Association finally resided my condo, but at what price?

Let me start by describing Bloody Monday...

At work, I was putting a fan in my server room because the AC is not functioning in there. The Server Room was a dry sauna, and I suspect temperatures around 95 to 100. So, I propped the door wide open and put a fan down there. As I walked by the entrance to the equipment room (my server room is in "concrete bunker" located next to the HVAC units) a ladder fell off the wall, fell across the aisle and slammed into a refrigerant line on the AC unit. Thusly, I was blasted with Freon. It was a glancing blow pretty much at my face. I ran upstairs to informed the Admin Asst (Judith) that we had a major problem and needed the Heating/Cooling guys here immediately... went back downstairs, showed the mess to Judith and the Janitor from Allied. They went back upstairs. I walked around the computers to try and calm down. By this point I was scared shitless and my heart was beating llike a jackrabbit. I went back into the equipment room and there was a huge cloud in the room. The Freon had filled the room up. So I put my shirt over my face and went through the room to open the doors outside (so the room would vent). I then ran upstairs (heart beating like hamster) and told her that we may want the fire department to check this out because the room had filled with a cloud.

Then, I went downstairs and checked on my email and found I had an "Urgent!" notice from the Condo Association stating "Water is pouring out of your house. You need to come to the clubhouse immediately!"

Naturally... I bolted out the door, drove way too fast through Downtown Northville and left a little rubber behind all over the city, walk in the house and find there's water in my kitchen. After a few plumbers showed up, and a guy from the condo association, they found... the siders had put a NAIL through a HOT WATER PIPE in my kitchen. They drove a nail through the outside wall and it just flat out perfectly, dead center pierced the pipe.

Pictures of the devastation are below:

Not only have I had problems with more water leaks, they've also blown fuses in my house about 5 times over the course of almost 3 weeks of re-siding project. My Stove Hood no longer functions, meaning I have to bring an electrician in... and I'm hoping the stove hood isn't blown.

I do not know when they will fix my kitchen. Supposedly next week. Until then, there's a huge gaping hole in my kitchen... I had to move Fargo out of the condo because I cannot risk him getting into that hole and getting stuck in the walls or the attic. Thus, because I'm such a sap, I've spent the last week at my parents house.

To top ALL of this off.. at some point on Monday, I chipped or cracked a tooth (third molar from the back on the lower right). ARGH!


36 Trips around Sol

Well, Friday marked my 36th trip around the Big Giant Ball of Incandescent Gas.

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, but I couldn't ask for the things I really want:

I want someone to look at me like that want to be around me. That glint in their eye. You see it whenever 2 people who really love each other are together.
I want someone to be around someone who rearranges their day to be with me.
I want to be someone's boyfriend. I want to be someone's husband, even someone's father.
I want to make sure my parents are comfortable and happy for the rest of their lives. I want my mom and dad to be healthy, wealthy and wise for all of time.
I want my brother and his wife to have beautiful children and beautiful lives.
I want all my family to have nothing but good times and prosperity.
I want my friends to live and achieve their most fantastic dreams.

I got shorts, a slushee maker (like one of those Magic Bullet things), dinner at Fishbone's and a trip to a Tigers game on Wednesday instead. I guess I just want things I can't have.

I also got a reminder that 36 trips is closer to the "old" than the "young". I went bike riding on Thursday night around Kensington, and ended up wearing my ass raw and being blown around the lake with 30mph gusts. What used to take me 25 to 35 minutes to complete now takes me 45-55 minutes. I'm old and fat now, I guess. My best time around Kensington was 19 minutes... which I completed just before a Thunderstorm rolled in. I got my bike in the back of the truck, closed the door and the skies opened up... and I wasn't even winded. Is it too late to recover my body to that level again? I hope not. I really didn't even know how good of shape I was in...

Oh yeah: the Sopranos finale was genius. Nothing concrete happened (haw haw). It's left open ended, but you're given the sense that the family will go on as usual, struggling to survive. Nothing different, really.

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