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I still feel myself suffering this “impending” burn out feel, and I do not like it. I am going through one of the roughest installs I’ve ever had… and it seems like even when I FINISH it, it’s still not right. I know installs aren’t always clean and easy, but this one is like “Murphy’s Law of Installations”. So, the… Read more →


I admit. I was resistive. Like an old man who doesn’t want to do anything new. Remain stuck in the way everyday has always been. I recently saw the future in the form of a gift. My brother and I bought my dad an apple I pad for his birthday.a Col gadget and maybe a simpler internet experience for him.… Read more →

Geek Success

If you’re not a geek, the following may seem trite, and otherwise stupid. There’s something about succeeding at troubleshooting that is extremely satisfying. Maybe this applies to everything in life. Examples: I recently dove further into the deep end and decided to build my own computer. I selected the parts online (Tiger Direct) and ordered them. My new system is… Read more →

I am a Technological Jesus

Today, I was supposed to have the day off. So I slept in until 10:30am. I awoke without be shaken awake. I awoke thinking “I slept all night… and most of the morning.” I awoke noting that my left ear was not ringing. I got out of bed, fed and watered the cats. Then walked back to my computer, where… Read more →

DRM and eBooks

Here’s a little rant for ya… eBooks should be easy. It should be comfortable, and the same as picking up a book off the shelf and reading it. However, that’s not the case. Here’s the issue: DRM. Digital Rights Management. DRM is a festering piece of crap upon the soul of all that’s good and decent in the world. It’s… Read more →

Logic as a blunt instrument

There’s an interesting question floating around: how do you protect yourself from a rogue system admin? The quick answer is, you don’t. Being a system admin is like Uncle Ben’s statement in Spiderman: With great power, comes great responsibility. Even if you’re “just” the admin of a small business, non-profit, or a public library. Some in this type of position… Read more →

The Problem with Internet Filtering

I’m finding this puzzling. The Government has decided that the best thing they can do “for the children” is attempt to force the use of an Internet Filter in schools and public libraries by withholding grants and discounts unless a library or school implements a software or hardware filtering solution. In order to get grants and discounts on Internet access,… Read more →

Updates on Life

Well, I had to update this site to a new version of WordPress. Silly ISP… WP upgraded out of the old version of MySQL, so I had to do a complete changeover… but luckily, it was fairly simple. I can’t say the same for the rest of my life lately. Everything is very complicated. Work. Home. Private. Everything. I have… Read more →

Confrontation and Confusion

I do not do confrontation well. There was an incident where we found someone doing something they shouldn’t do. It should have been simple. I should have simply ejected the person from the place. I mean, they were violating the code of conduct, and more to the point, likely breaking the law. Instead, I froze. The kid was really good,… Read more →