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Thoughts about being Hard of Hearing/Deaf

The Cyborg Cometh…

Guess I haven’t written anything in awhile. I think I wanted to just have some great big, awesome thing to say… and the closest I can come to that is: I can hear. Yep. The Processor for the Cochlear WORKED. I can hear. And good lord, what the hell am I hearing? This is a really loud world you folks… Read more →

Side Effects

I think I’m experiencing emotional side effects of everything that has happened these last few months. I found myself very angry, snippy, and probably way too rough for no real reason today. I took it out on someone else, alas. It’s too late to subtract the words. I think the question I forgot is this: Did you do it for… Read more →

Complaining about lack of Captioning on Web Sites with Video

Recently, I took the time to write a short, snarky complaint to over the lack of captioning in videos on their website… Description: Name: Michael McEvoy Webaddress: every freaking video on the site General comments: Your site continues to NOT provide captioning for videos. Perhaps you think deaf viewers do not deserve to watch video? Or they should just… Read more →

Almost Cyborg

Well, I am almost there as far as being cyborg. The Cochlear Nucleus 5 has been implanted into the right side of my skull. First off, I’ll say this: If they tell you this surgery is “easy”… smack em down. Hard. It is not easy. I am now 1 week post surgery, and still suffering pain in the right side… Read more →

Amalgamate Now?

Sometimes in your life, there are spans of time when the definition of your life is writ large, across the face of reality like graffiti. Everyone within eye sight, ear shot, a tongue flick can see, smell and taste everything that is about to happen… and have no idea what it feels like. At this moment, my life is a… Read more →

I miss…

I’ve now gone over a month without hearing much of anything, which seems like an excellent time to reflect on sounds I miss… I miss voices. Real voices. Not the ones my mind makes up. I miss the sound of running water. Faucets. Creeks. Waves on the shore. I miss the sound of my nephew’s laughter and giggles. I miss… Read more →

I hate my ears. Seriously hate them.

So, this week, I got sick on Monday. It only lasted a few hours, and i felt better. I worked Tuesday, and worked a gangbuster 10.5 hrs on Wednesday with almost nothing to eat. On Wednesday evening, I was going to head to the bar at 9pm with my lady, and before that, I took my dad out to dinner… Read more →

“…more than you can handle”

There’s a saying out there. Maybe it’s out of the Bible or some other biblical level text. It more or less states that God will never give you more than you can handle. God will ALLOW trials and tribulations to come unto you. Well, the good Lord must think I’m some kind of freaking bad ass… So… in addition to… Read more →