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Thoughts about being Hard of Hearing/Deaf

Cochlear Fancy

Well, I’ve worn this cochlear now for almost 3 years. If I can be perfectly blunt, and this is not a sales pitch but… it’s changed my life something legit. I am capable of carrying on conversations with strangers. Sure, to most people, that’s like “so what?” To me, that’s like “holy farking she-at!” I’m in the process of buying… Read more →

Let’s Get Busy…

Haven’t said much about my state(s) of mind, so I’ll do some quick summaries of random thoughts bouncing around… a. I’m over worked. I love my job… but I’m over worked. b. I’m over extended… on everything. I eat too much. I spend too much. I work too much… and I don’t work out enough, and I don’t save enough… Read more →

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is being played this weekend, and it’s a huge event as normal. For me, I’m rooting for the Seahawks. For one reason: Derrick Coleman. He has a commercial for Duracell ( that may be one of the best commercials ever made (but does it really sell Duracell? No.) In any case, it has had me thinking about… Read more →

Odd Sounds…

Last Monday, I woke up… everything was pretty normal. I took a shower, got dressed, and grabbed my Cochlear implant… I walked down the hallway, got the battery, plugged it in, turned it on… attached it to my head… and then I heard this HUGE MASSIVE TREMENDOUS ROARING sound that almost floored me. I thought I was in the midst… Read more →

Continuing odyssey of sensory warp

Before I was implanted with a Cochlear, for me, I asked myself a simple question: Am I ready to be deaf? Not just sorta deaf, but completely deaf? And I found myself just stating that it was “get busy hearing, or get busy being deaf”. Not many people really drew a line there, because no one really understood what I… Read more →

Cochlear Lessons

Music is still not working well for me. Some I can hear, but I’m mostly pissed because nothing sounds the way it did. Pink Floyd is mostly a muddle to me. MCB is just random noises. Primus is workable, but nothing like it was. Van Halen is just screeching. Chapstik, just sounds like brakes exploding repeatedly. It’s weird. So as… Read more →

Increasingly Perturbed

I am growing increasingly perturbed by the complete incapability of this world to communicate with a deaf person. Despite WRITTEN ORDERS to use email for contact, a company still tries to call. The written orders state: “THIS PERSON IS DEAF. CANNOT HEAR YOU ON A PHONE.”. Apparently, that sentence is too vague and difficult to understand for persons in the… Read more →

Captioning in Theaters

I was very surprised to find the local AMC Livonia has deployed a very nice closed captioning system for most of their screens. On Friday, we went to see The Hobbit, but the system was broke (so we saw The Hobbit for FREE!) Saturday, we went to see Lincoln, and the captioning did work for that screen. The technology is… Read more →

Facts of Deaf

I’m going to share a few simple facts of being deaf. I realize these are concepts so far beyond most people’s every day lives, but they are facts… 1. A deaf person CANNOT. USE. A TELEPHONE. Providing a deaf person with a phone number for ANY reason defies all human logic. It is, in a word, stupid. They should put… Read more →