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Look in the Mirror

One day you look in the mirror And it’s not you anymore The mind behind the eyes Says I’m the same as I always was But the eyes in the mirror Aren’t the same as I was When they say the mirror lies Is it your eyes or is it your mind Thought betray memory belayed Shaken loose from the… Read more →

You are the Light

You are the light you are the light without you all is night shadows feed on the sorrow I grieve without you shining a path with me When you’re gone I struggle to breathe the air is dark and so heavy without your light to shine with me I’m just a reflection of the light you cast as you make… Read more →

Burn My Mind Away

Burn my mind away there ain’t much left of me shove your own thoughts in just a zombie sprawled out wouldn’t it be stronger if you convinced me Instead you make your lies Instead you just deny Instead you don’t try instead you dig and pry Burn my mind away there ain’t much left of me hollowed out without much… Read more →

Horse Shit (Fish Heads)

(alternate, timely lyrics for that early MTV classic by Barnes & Barnes, otherwise known as “Fish Heads”, I present to you… “Horse Shit”) Horse shit, horse shit smelly shelly horse shit horse shit politics is dumb Horse shit, horse shit smelly shelly horse shit horse shit politics is dumb in the Congress, laughing happy horse shit In the White House,… Read more →

The Fracture

she said it’ll never be the same even if I came back we’d start over and you’d always be wondering if I’d leave you again Once broken you can glue the pieces back together but the fracture will always remain she said even if I fall back in love with you it’ll be a different thing than the first time… Read more →


Deeply the notes growl of stray moments lost inside the fates of times and then we say left behind but there they are in my mind So long I waited for your touch the day we found each other in the garden of eden was the light of all that was condensed Sweetly the notes sang of wonder and the… Read more →

The Words they Never Said

So I grew up knowing the truth the words they never said but always meant to we’ll stop you cause we’re broken too Like a demons breath the words they never said but their eyes darting across the room afraid to be closer too It’s fine by me the words they never said cause the truth is known by other… Read more →

The Rose, The Thorn, The Bud

The rose is what was good to you the thorn is what was bad today the bud is what you’ll dream tonight… Wisdom fed from the mouths of babes who know not what it is they say but somehow its is wise anyways… Shadows dance in the faintest light cast from the brightest source as if nothing will ever be…… Read more →