MC Spoo

silly me

silly me I believe
in that smile so sweet
the look you give if only
when we stand alone
hidden from all prying eyes
true love comes to life
silly me I believe...

silly me I believe
I'm not a fool
for believing
it's strength to say
I'm here to stay
and so I wait
silly me I believe...

silly me I believe
it doesn't matter what they think
only the words that we speak
only the love that we seek
the only actions of words I speak
my dreams so real the scream
silly me I believe...

silly me I believe
one day equilibrium is reached
what we want and what we need
all the morning light we need
shadow cast by all we'll be
it's not darkness with you and me
silly me I believe...

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Never on one or two

I never focus on one or two
my eyes open to all the speech
welcome me as would you dare
can you believe as much as me?

You count to three or even four
my thoughts theoretical
dare you paint with hate
about what you take

stop counting start making
original or faking
stop fearing or crying
means nothing without trying

Demons come crawling
bringing the depths
with their gnarly claws
and dripping jaws

words escape without mistake
they said this world
is yours to take
now burn the stake

Focus on just one or two
all the rest zoom past you
focus on just three or four
get your ass up off the floor

sine cosine minus the tangent too
can you even count to five
or is six too much to rhyme
seven eight or even nine

Philosophy is often speech
pagans of only they who dream
differently than counting to three
I believe well beyond four

numbers and words on the dance floor
they rumble around without our thought
if never were were what language is drawn
or whatever is left to say

I never focus on one or two
always believe past three or four
even more and more and more
infinity is true a door

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Burning Intent of Madness contained

Not everyone is given the gift
of functionality and insight to see
Not everyone is given the time
to learn of the how and why

Some are driven to madness
by dreams unachieved
and some are driven to say
the world isn't made for me

And some stand on the molehill
and praise it as a mountain
but only a few can tell the truth
of a sterling breeze and darkening

Distance is a fallacy when
tenuous so may it seem
when the heart is strong and true
Never unmoored will be these strings

Some say it's madness to continue
your course is broken
unto doubt cast your token
and dare to find anew

Some say it's madness contained
to hold your course true
some say it's romantic
to hold you course true

Some say it's fantastic
to deny reality
some say it's s racket
to dare true love ain't true


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What’s the matter?

Basically the words you see
are all they'll find of me
an anatomy
of life so funny
no one cared to be

What's the matter
in the end we're
all dead anyways

No matter what we do
with all the passing days
the shiny bits and bobs
the lovely ways to say

What's the matter
in the end we're
all dead anyways

Loneliness is your own damn fault
cause you're stupid enough to think
you can't do anything
cause you're all alone today
but tomorrow is always the same

What's the matter
in the end we're
all dead anyways

Can't deny that this life of mine
is more pleasant when you're near
can't deny the state of my life
when I droop my eyes
cause I can't gaze to yours

What's the matter
in the end we're
all dead anyways

Don't feel afraid for me
this is just an epiphany
I realize I realize I realize
I can't give the happiness of my life
to just you, lady


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Dark and Stormy till the morning light

Another dark and stormy night
I watch the cloud threaten their fight

the wind whips down heaven sent
bearing hell and anger within

Down comes the rain to drown
the ever lasting thoughts of mine

Even as the seas do rise
my thoughts turn to you with a smile

WIldfire burns through the thicket
and all the people scream

save me save me save me save me
I'm not meant to go this way

The tornado twists around my knickers
and yet my feet remain planted

like Dorothy hitched her ride
so far away they cried

yet still they remain
ever so sadly they pray

behold one day
she'll return to be

The sun that shines through
on a dark and stormy day

part the clouds and sweep the
warm summer breeze over me

and finally I can move my feet
and walk right along with you

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Sad and Alone

Sad and alone

wither my happiness
nor my satisfaction
have bearing
upon the mechanisms
of reality


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Try to Hurt You

Why give your trust
they'll try to hurt you

No matter what your intention were
they'll try to hurt you

Cause that's the animal within
it tries to hurt you

to protect itself from perception eschewed
try to hurt you

logic and common sense
forget you

and beauty is just lipstick and glitter
it won't define you

but the moment before you
and a question is asked of you
just understand
in all of the land

I'm the only one who never
try to hurt you

I don't need to you
but I damn well want you
even if it will hurt me


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Hit the Ground

don't hesitate if the moment presents
and won't desecrate cause the time is nigh to repent

Truth speaks in every language
and bullshit walks the plank in every single place

In the end what's coming has already came
you'll realize it's all just playing a game

You'll never pass go
never collect your dough

was ready before you
hit the ground

Falling ever free
except for gravity

and time that bitch keeps
her hooks into thee

When you're ready
you're already going

won't hesitate a moment
and don't desecrate the rhyme

Plan on it and bank on it
only a fool would place on it

Run with the wind
taste the sky as it cries

no matter how far you can't
outrun your crimes

when you hit the ground
do you keep on going or do you bounce?


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Geek Your Library

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this time is the only time

this time is the only time that ever happened in all the time before
which didn't result in the failure of comprehending what actually happened
whenceupon the moment did she spake of the past and the future
a meaningless conjecture of wishful thinking and forgoing sight

without a doubt the only time this ever happened in all of time before
which didn't result in confusion and panic spread amongst the poor saps
who lack the common sense and common courtesy to step aside and say
way way way over my head you're going today

I bent my ear unto the ground to hear the rumble and the pound
I see the grains of sand begin the shiver and shake
I lift my head to look yonder the horizons fate
I open my eyes ever so wide with acknowledgement and steps to take

Gulp it down and move your feet cause running is the only way to beat
you can move fast enough till they're on you like the sunlight
hide in the shade, I dare ya, it won't help for long cause they're find ya
and you'll collapse unto a heap of defeat when you realize the real demon

this time is the only time that ever happened in all the time before
which did result in understanding but didn't result in a plan of action
it hurts too much to think about it anymore I want to stop and dull my brain
but I'm too logical to go that way so inside myself the pain does keep

when I snarl you know I weep
when I growl you know I'm weak
when I run away you know I'm breaking
but for when I stand there silently...

this time is the only time that ever happened in all the time before
oncoming the traffic would plow me down but all is siezed
my mind my body my soul my being cannot move or plan to move
cause I'm rooted on this spot is fear and suffering

Plow my down take me out lend me pain it's better than imagining another moment
alone in the dark floundering and festing my hands reaching my eyes they bleed
or walk away from my eyes weeping my soul seeping my mind bleeping
it's not unfeeling but overwhelmingly the way it seems if not for you nor then for me

this time isn't the only time my words my actions are undefined
only the mind of I does know what these words mean
apply your logic and your crime pretend you know what is mine
or just ask me nicely cause I will never lie or make you cry

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