Somethings burning, tickling your nose,
worry rising, despite what you know
lights start flickering, the air gets heavy
and you begin to realize you’ve got to make the call

whenever you’re ready
I’m there

You’re walking along and a bee flies by
you might be allergic so don’t even try
pick up the phone a Text me a line
you can jump in my Cadillac, kick back and relax

whenever you need me
I’m just in time

The network’s not connecting
your homework is due
can’t stand for failing
what will you do?

Holler out my name
around the corner I stand
I’m just waiting
until it is time

never too far
away from you

Your guardian angel might be me
except these thoughts
aren’t so pure and sweet
the detail are devilish indeed

no need to run
trust in the sun

When ever you need a moment alone
I’ll slip into the shadows
our of sight and out of mind
they’ll torture me but I’ll never confide

your secrets are safe with me
forever is a drop in the bucket
just to spend it with thee

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