Poetry – Here It Is

Here it is, it’s all I got left
my heart and soul
burning and Godless
broken and blind
deaf and dumb
barely pond scum
how’s that for a sum?

An equation unbalanced
in a world of conquest
an ego or an id
a fantasy or just a dream
tasteless and baseless
accusations of complications
hardly worth whispering
how that for a scene?

Here it is, it’s all I got left
I gave it all away
before they even came
to make my life the same
carbon copy what a shame
if only it was a game
reality sucks the big one, hey
the way you shine
is contradictory

Dangerously you’re pondering
if even momentarily
should we let him stay
a heart and a soul
a godless burning hole
an example of foolish lore
or a screaming bore forever more
how’s that summary?

Here it is, it’s all I got left
Hear it is, it’s all I got left

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